Stop! (Becky) Hammon Time!

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon has had a pretty good year, becoming the first female assistant coach in the NBA and then coaching the Spurs’ Summer League team to a championship. But yesterday, to celebrate #TBT, Hammon posted a video on Instagram showing her tribute to MC Hammer. Can’t touch this…


  1. Mark Harmony says:

    X0D *hahaha!* I think I’m more in love! #Go Becky!

  2. Adrian Lopez says:

    Becky, you’re fabulous!! Congrats on all your success (so far). I love your Hammon time!
    Have you heard about Vitamin E? Maybe Tim D. has, & that’s part of why he still performs at such a high level. Vit. E would greatly prolong the playing careers of all the Spurs. It’s the endurance vitamin!
    I know the O. Magic used to take Amway vita

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  4. jty7271 says:

    Hey she’s a good dancer, but the question begs, why?