Jeremy Lin, eSports TV analyst

Video: Lin Dota 2

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I play a lot of video games, but I mostly stick within realm of console games. So I have to confess, I wasn’t exactly sure what “Dota 2” was, much less that they were holding a “Dota 2” championship right now with a prize pool that is worth — are you ready for this? — $18 million. As it turns out, “Dota 2” is an online, multiplayer battle game, where players go 5-on-5 and try to destroy “The Ancient.”

Anyway, right now in Seattle, the “Dota 2” tournament is underway at The International, and who showed up but Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin? According to Lin, he plays “Dota 2” a “decent amount” during the season. Maybe there’s another career waiting for Lin when he’s finished with the NBA?

(via FTW)


  1. AngeloGervacio says:

    wooot. dota2 player here. SO PROUD!

  2. anothercavsfan says:

    You haven’t heard of DotA 2? Maybe you shouldn’t have confessed that :p

    That said, I still prefer HoN over DotA 2 xD

  3. dota 2 is better than every game…but its a game…u get bored with it

  4. Webster my man says:

    Hey, lbj! Do you want to trade something to add dota 2 on your team for a championship?