Raptors unveil new unis for 2015-16

By Jeff Case

A day before the 2015 Draft, our main man, Lang Whitaker, wrote a post detailing the new uniforms the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers and (kinda/sorta) Charlotte Hornets will sport in 2015-16.

And just when we we thought we were all done with uniform posts, the Toronto Raptors go and pull us back in again.

The team initially debuted news and photos of the new uniforms in a post on their web site and per the news release, team ambassador Drake unveiled the unis at  OVOFest in Toronto:

Raptors Global Ambassador Drake unveiled a Cory Joseph alternate black jersey with gold and white trim during his OVOFest concert tonight at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Joseph, a native of the Toronto area who joined the club as a free agent in July, will wear number six to honour his Toronto roots

Anyway, here’s a look at all the uni options in their full glory …


The Toronto Raptors’ new uniforms for 2015-16.

As well as a photo of Drake unveiling them on stage …

And, as a refresher, here are the looks the Hawks, 76ers, Bucks, Clippers and Hornets revealed this summer …







So, which look do you like best now?



  1. deiviuxs says:

    I like the Bucks uniforms the best.

  2. Jay Harmonica says:

    So many votes for the Hawks? Wow, Oregon and Under/Armour done rotted your brains.

  3. OverseasNBAfan says:

    Bucks got it right for sure, really nice and simple design with a cool slightly retro throwback look!

    Don’t mind the Raptors new look but not sure the 4th black and gold color style was needed.

    Whoever came up with that new Clippers design needs to be fired..

  4. J.Wynter says:

    I’m from Toronto but not a fan of the new uniforms they should’ve just left the logo and the uniforms original. But the Bucks hands down have the hardest new uniforms, soo clean.

  5. ILLWiLLY4Pres says:

    That Hawks Hersey look flameee 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I need one pronto

  6. mike jordan says:

    raptors uniform looked better

  7. TD21 says:

    why is the sixers shorts buffering?

  8. yesmrhardy says:

    As a Nets fan, can’t help but see the parallels from our logo and uniform in the new Raptors uniforms. But Jay Z unveiled ours in 2012, and he aint no Meek Mill.

  9. Frani Washington says:

    I do not like any of the new uniforms. They all look like college uniforms.

  10. hektor says:

    Hornets… jersey with sleeves again?

  11. VAPYankees says:

    You guys picked the worst possible picture for the Sixers unis. Doesn’t show the stars on the side at all, not doing it justice. They are easily the nicest of all the new ones if not in the NBA period.

  12. EWFChicago says:

    Brooklyn Raptors

  13. Peter says:

    The red jersey of the Clips is pathetic! OMG, horrible! Dont know whats wrong with the jerseys last year if i see this hahaha. Milwaukee is great! Really neat! 🙂 And the grey Hawks jersey.. i still didnt figure that one out -_-

  14. Vincent says:

    Hawks with the top vote. really? instantly it reminded me for a fast food restaurant for some reason.

  15. Darrion says:

    The Hawks Uniforms are dumb because it doesn’t match with the logo

  16. Go Mavs says:

    Were the Raptors trying to make throwback jerseys?
    I never remember the Hawks having throw-up green as a color…
    Clipp’s graphic design looks like it was created by a 5 year old on his dad’s computer.
    Someone please remind the Hornets that they aren’t playing soccer…

    But the Bucks and the 76ers have something going, man!

    As of jerseys… I am confused what the NBA is trying to do. At least there still remains a few teams with great design taste.

  17. Sher Kanda says:

    Raptors are coming with that one two punch!
    Black and Gold all the way.

  18. skyler says:

    Clipper- Doodooo
    Bucks- looks pretty Nice
    Raptors- Swag
    Hawks- Beautiful
    76ers- Same thing
    Hornets-eh its ok

  19. Philestena says:

    I love the Raptors, uniform the BEST UTMOST BEST!