Even Kobe Bryant likes this Kobe Bryant imitation

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERBrandon Armstrong is a basketball player who has played all around the world, from the D-League to overseas, but he hasn’t yet made it to the NBA. Which isn’t to say he can’t play like NBA players. Armstrong has spent his summer posting videos of himself imitating various NBA players, but he may have published his piece de resistance this week.

Here’s Anderson imitating Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, from the shooting form to the pump fake that makes half the team fly into the air to the celebration as he runs back down court. It’s pretty accurate…

And after seeing it, even Kobe seemed to approve…


  1. Angel says:

    This is awsome funny!

  2. Tony says:

    Very well done and Funny!!

  3. Nate says:

    kobe backyard moves…

  4. Anonmous says:

    LOL i think he over exagerated Kobe alot. but nice try. A dleague player who will never make the NBA VS the greatest basketball player of all time Kobe Bryant. no comparison……

    • KGThree says:

      Meanwhile Anonmous will never win a spelling bee because he can’t spell Anonymous.

    • Luke says:

      I’m sure at one point someone said Kobe would never make the NBA. Jordan didn’t make his high school team, remember?
      Never say never!

  5. Someone Else says:

    Kobe Bryant likes this because it has him scoring the shots. The real Kobe Bryant misses most of these while his alienated “team-mates” are wide open.

    • Jamie says:

      Kobe takes these shots at the end at the end of the shot clock. After his “alienated” team mates almost blew a scoring opportunity. No need to ridicule Kobe. Kobe still the best player in the league to me.

  6. KOBE FOR LIFE says:


  7. StillBallin says:

    Nice imitation! BUT, Kobe´s moves are way smoother and way more composed and somewhat slower ( nicer! )

    Good job no doubt.

  8. King Julien says:

    The author talks about Brandon Armstrong at the beginning…who he is, where he has played, etc., then all of a sudden he said in the second paragraph he says, “Here’s Anderson imitating Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant”. So here I am confused…who’s the guy making the Kobe Bryant impersonation, Brandon Armstrong or Anderson?

    The author should have checked his work before getting it out in the open.

  9. Kadir says:

    Even at age 36 Kobe is the best the NBA has to offer. After mj was Kobe that’s it the rest of the league is GARBAGE

  10. sixsoul says:

    Funniest basketball related anything I’ve seen in a long time. He has the timing of Kobe’s jersey chomp down to the millisecond.

  11. #swagfordays says:

    this is cool

  12. Lakers says:

    ThrowBack .. KObe Move LIKe Like.

  13. skyler says:

    that is so kobe 5 people on him a wide open team mate… BRICK