Chris Paul vs. Elfrid Payton…in football?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players spend their offseason working out in all different ways, including, sometimes, not playing basketball, and instead turning to other sports to get their cross-fit on.

Orlando Magic point guard Elfrid Payton and Clippers point guard Chris Paul recently met up to work out, and ended up on a football field. Turns out, both of them are better on the offensive end of things. Here’s Payton giving Paul and out-and-up route, then leaning out to make a one-handed catch…

VIDEO: Payton v Paul

And in response, here’s Paul putting a stop-and-go on Payton, before going long…


  1. steve says:

    chris paul posted first sooo payton had the last laugh

  2. iammjtruth says:

    Both of these cats gonna need to stick to their day job

  3. El Stone says:

    They’re both pretty slow.

  4. skyler says:

    lol REVENGE

  5. 2kallday says:

    Speed is not a necessity to be good at catching a football. Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best at receiving and he isn’t a blazing speedster.

  6. Franck says:

    Jordan push off from CP3