Kevin Durant is swatting kids at his basketball camp (again)

By Jeff Case

Two years ago, we brought you video of Oklahoma City Thunder star and NBA MVP Kevin Durant blocking little kids’ shots at his summer camp. Last season was mighty frustrating for Durant as he missed two-thirds of 2014-15 with nagging foot injuries/surgeries. But, good news — he recently told our Fran Blinebury that he’s feeling good, is on the mend and looking forward to 2015-16.

So, shouldn’t KD take it easy on the kiddos at his camp this summer. Not a chance, apparently …


  1. Gart says:

    Ha at least Durant can defend somone.


    That kid is like 5 years old. Why do that, I don’t get it!!

  3. SD-Stang says:

    To bad he didn’t defend LeBron like that in the Finals when it mattered. The Next Big Thing ….yea right.

  4. Kishore says:

    If Lebron swats kids like that, the whole of internet will crash and burn with hate.

  5. iX says:

    Awesome! Kids should experience challenges once in awhile. Experience failures too. To make them tougher. Life is not always about success, sometimes it’s how you react and stand up when you stumble and fail. What better person to block their shot than KD! Generation today tend to baby kids thus making them softer growing up.

  6. Kd is going to end up bn the greatest scorers ever in the end lebron won’t b anything but a great all around player not the best ever or ever the best of our generation he was jus the beginning of change kd do as u please because regular your not on a team build for u anymore this is going to show how great Russell Westbrook is the most intense guard you’ve ever seen soon to be the only star in okc

  7. Rob says:

    Good they won’t grow up 2 be soft. Life

  8. Jalen White says:

    Pick on someone your own size!!!

  9. steve nash says:

    that’s messed up KD…got shut down my leBron…get ur weight up Durant

  10. rickytebbe says:

    No, LeBron went back to the Cavs. He’s allowed to do things again.

  11. ??? says:

    “KD is the best player in the World.”

  12. Y’all talking about him he just having fun thing is about him stopping Lebron he stopped himself Durant my favorite player

  13. John Saephan says:

    I better hope Scott Brooks takes it easy on KD at whatever weird camp he has set up for him or else Billy Donovan will be pissssssed when Durant shows up at OKC camp exhausted. btw he’s not looking so good on either

  14. skyler says:

    thats so mean tho there like 6 of course no ones actually even gonna get a shot up hes 6,8 what do u expect

  15. Uhhhhhh……..really?? What is KD doing? Is he this desperate for a chance to play defense? Can he not defend people his own size? The first one or two blocks was funny, but he spent WAY too much time blocking 5 year old kid’s shots!!!!!

  16. Uhhhhhhhh……..really???? What is KD doing? These kids are like 5 years old and three feet tall. The first block or two was kind of funny, but then it got weird and I had to wonder what the crap he was doing!!

  17. Eddie says:

    If LeBron did this, he’d get so much hate.