LeBron puts on dunking exhibition in Manila

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While on tour in Asia right now, LeBron James played today in an exhibition game in Manila. And while it may only be an exhibition, LeBron still finished this alley-oop with incredible authority…


  1. Joseph023 says:

    Boom! who needs a dunk contest when you got sports center. da na na, nana na!

  2. Ngoo Nam says:

    LeBron rules basketball. He is the King after all.

  3. celentano says:

    King of the loosing finals,he he!

  4. I still cant get anyone to tell me when Lebron retires how are we going to know his 23 from the real greatest 23(M.J) that’s why you make your own history with your own number, and your own movie (spacejam has already been used) and most of all drop that KIng B.S. and shut up and play basketball, you truly owe Cleveland a lot, if that team never wins a title Lebron James wont feel the full pain because he left and got titles and came back, Cleveland you are a truly loving and forgiving city and willing to put up with his arrogance, never in Texas with what he did could he come back, him deandre Jordan are great moral leaders.



    • Geo Thomas says:

      I agree let’s stop comparing everybody to MJ cause not only did MJ NOT lose in the finals but he beat all the good teams in each easy& west conferences plus MJ built sometime a lot of players haven’t a successful Sneaker line the people buy over and over and over, generation after generation, he owns his own team that cost more than what you would of payed for a team back in the day, college teams are not only wearing his sneakers but his brand period now I will give LaBrin credit for 1 thing and it’s not all his money doing it but a great idea to send those kids to college for a full ride. Oh and yes Even tho the Bulls stunk when MJ first got there but he stuck around and Won chips with the same team, Kobe didn’t wanna go to a losing team he cried his way out and LaBron had to go to #heatnation to win his chips period end of story.

  5. And I’m not a Lebron James hater, just a true Basketball fan, from the great city of San Antonio, have no reason to hate, the Spurs organization has been very successful without him and against him, as you will see this 2016 NBA season.