Dwight Howard rates James Harden the best left-hander of all-time

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago on the NBA.com blogtable, we looked at some of the greatest left-handed players of all-time, a list that includes some legendary NBA players, such as Bill Russell, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili, Tiny Archibald…the list can go on and on.

Houston guard James Harden got one vote on our NBA.com list, but that’s presumably only because his teammate Dwight Howard didn’t have a vote.

Last night, Howard took to Twitter to answer questions from fans, and when asked for his take on the greatest lefty of all-time, Howard went with Harden…

And you know what? Dwight hears your disagreement, and respectfully reserves the right to disagree…

And for what it’s worth, Howard mentioned Russell among his list of the best in League history…

When a fan asked how Russell could be one of the three best of all-time but not the best lefty, Howard had an answer ready for him…

What do you say? Is James Harden the best lefty of all-time? Or does someone else get your vote?


  1. some truth says:

    Lol, Dwight is a joke. He just displayed his already notorious ignorance.

  2. Larry Spriggs says:

    Oh Me, oh my, oh Dwight. He’s one of the brightest minds of his generation,no wonder Adidas choose him as its main man.

  3. toronto says:

    no Chris Mullin ?

  4. Adrien says:

    The best lefty in my opinion is Chris Mullin…

  5. Exiled says:

    Of course Harden is one of the best, Dwight can’t be wrong on this

  6. Santi says:

    The best ever without a ring, no question. The best ever? Well, if he was he would have a ring.

  7. Romeo says:

    This cat is funny as hell. Who is the best left hander all time? Harden? That a joke? Who’s moves did he take? Euro step son. Manu Ginobili. Gold medal, NBA championships and on one of the greatest teams of all time. Shut your mouth youngsta. #20 #Spurs #GOAT

    • NBA Fan says:

      Manu G.O.A.T, hands down bro. James harden is ligit tho. But Manu has accomplished way more

      • okckd35 says:

        Manu the best lefty, thats laughable, dont take into account hes played with duncan and parker his whole career, coached by one of the greatest “team ball” coaches, so u cant say those accomplishments are all manu. Thats like saying robert horry is better than kobe cuz he has more rings, also its called the “euro” step, not the manu step.

  8. Mark from Bayarea says:

    Is this suppose to be a BIG NEWS?
    Dwight Howard has no basic basketball IQ when it comes to game time.
    Only lefty he knows in his entire life is James Harden. LOL

  9. Scott JAMES fool says:

    Skillwize yes beard is likely the best ever.
    Accomplishments wise he’s not even top 15


  10. GOD says:

    As of now no he’s not the greatest Bill and Robinson have that down. but James is only 26… at the pace he’s going there’s no doubt he would be the best lefty.

  11. Wilt is GOAT says:

    LOL Bill Russell a top 3 GOAT? Harden will probably be better than him by the end of his career! Robinson is the best lefty followed by Nate Archibald IMO.

    • johnlpoetry says:

      Man you’re a fool. Harden better than Bill Russell!? Damn Harden has only been a starter for 2 years. He’s gunner with a poor shooting percentage and benefits from hyped up referees with overreactive whistles that seem to automatically go off any time he drives toward the basket. Get real man!

  12. robbiz says:

    howard lolll, a pure product of TV. air between the ears, 70/80 IQ, i dont even talk about basketball IQ..
    guys, dumb people can’t become olajuwons or russells, it takes a great body and IQ.
    they can become a shaq, monstruously powerfull and agressive, but olajuwon type of development is ONLY brain.

  13. robbiz says:

    ‘(they can become a shaq if they are dominant, tough enough, like wilt)

  14. Han SOlo says:

    Allan Caidic is the best ever Lefty shooter dwight

  15. kwick says:

    Dwight howard — that dude got the no.s to back up his game.. Multiple MVP on defense, Olympian Gold medalist, 1st draft pick NBA – out of high school, and a great guy. WHO in the HELL is BETTER than JAMES HARDEN right now, LEFT or RIGHT HAND. The joke should be on O.K.C. for suggesting he should be a sixth man. —- COME ON…. Dwight gets dbls on a regular basis, 20 rebounds on a regular basis. Just look at the stats. —- They would have challenged Golden State if they had a decent pt guard.

  16. Mansfield says:

    Let’s not forget Gooden who played with Jerry West and the L.A. Lakers

  17. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I love all the fakers still hating this guy!
    Love it how Kome screw it up with d12 so he cannot get another ring!
    The most missed shot all timer Kome!