Steve Nash shooting threes with Snoop Dogg as his rebounder

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteve Nash hasn’t played in the NBA in a while, and he officially retired a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still hit the basketball court to get some shots up. And if you’re going to squeeze in some practice, why not have hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg out there grabbing boards for you? (Also, Nash has an apple in his mouth.)

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  1. Scott JAMES fool says:

    Man I respect Steve Nash so much. I live in Toronto, he’s meant everything to our country.
    Truly one of the greatest of all time, not to mention my mentor in basketball use to sleep over at his house. Heard he’s also the coolest and sickest guy ever to go out with to the clubs.
    He’s just the man!!!!!!
    So much respect for you man!!!!!keep on representing Canada and making us better.
    Your a legend!!!!! I salute you