LeBron Approves As Ohio State’s Miller Does ‘The Silencer’ Move

By Nick Margiasso IV

In between breaks from watching FIBA Americas basketball all night on NBA TV, you may have briefly flipped over to watch the Ohio State football team play backyard video game football as they crushed Virginia Tech.

LeBron James was watching, too.

He was certainly watching when former QB-turned-WR Braxton Miller put on a show and remembered to stamp it by paying homage to the Cleveland’s King.

An impressed James nodded back.

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  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Oh gosh! Give us a break, please! I b takin my talents to comment on OSU football? I think your comments should be I need to go home and watch the films of the last two years NBA finals and see how team play wins championships.
    We make this guy out to be an actor, a documentary producer, a commentator etc. C’mon NBA quit making this guy out to be something he’s not. “Sometimes I dream, that he is me, like Mike, I wanna be like Mike”

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    Lebron approves of what? Do we all need his approval?

    • Lovemyteams says:

      yeah how dare lebron lose in the NBA finals while missing half his team..If it was Jordan he would’ve won it without pippen.. oh wait

  3. yalldumb says:

    first of all lebron shot like 40% during the finals which is horrible. secondly he missed two players who both are very poor defenders and replaced them with above average defenders. now that does not mean they are better but they bring something different than the players the cavs were missing.

    lastly lebron is giving someone approval to do something made famous by lebron. if someone stole mutombos finger wave and mutumbo said he didn’t like that the person stole his move don’t you think that player would stop doing it? lebron is simply stating that he likes it stop hating for no reason.

    • seewhatIdid says:

      well when you’re attempting 30+ shots a game..what do you expect? nobody’s going to score efficiently attempting that many shots a game, and he shot 39 percent to be exact…and I’m not sure what shooting percentages has to do with anything anyway, just the previous year against the spurs he shot 56 percent from the field and lost in 5 games by a wide margin with the exception of the first two games..Jordan defeated the 98 Jazz in the NBA finals shooting just 42 percent from the field, kobe bryant has shot way below 45 percent in 6 of his 7 NBA finals appearances…and you’re out of your mind if you think Cleveland missing two allstar (love and kyrie) didn’t matter….I’m sure had it been the other way around and GS was missing Green and Thompson and Cleveland won, people would’ve held that against Lebron.

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    The only time King has won anything is when the rest of the team was allowed to play. It is so much fun watching King in the post game interviews and the reporters smooching him and sitting on the edge of their seats on his every word. OH KING you’re right. What ever excuse you want to make we will believe and tell the whole world how great you are. What’s all the fuss no MVP, No Ring… Everyone keeps talking about injuries. That would be a great excuse if used his other teammates.
    He could have Larry, Michael, Magic and Kareem on his team and it wouldn’t matter. Hurry, quick, let’s run an isolation for the King. Next time down the floor, pick and roll for the king next time down post up the king… please quit talking about injuries.

    • Jay says:

      just to comment on your post at the top……….If I remember it correctly…..LeBron showed up to both of those Finals?!?! instead of singling out one player….you should maybe do the entire team….check the numbers!!!! now you should question Wade, Bosh, Smith, Shumpert those other guys cause its a team effort if we were singling out one person then you couldn’t say anything about LeBron not showing up and his numbers……even though they still lost…check his numbers….CLEARLY he was the only one to show up for both…..#FACT

    • Jorge says:

      Johnny, LeBron was actually asked by his coach to take more shots and run more plays by himself. If you see LeBron replays, as you suggest, he plays his best when engaging his team mates because, historically, he has made his team better by making the role players around himself better. The problem this year is that while he tried to trust his teammates, the lack of talent-depth (after the injuries of Love and Irving) meant that unless all those role players were performing at a high level, the game would be lost. I agree with you that the media writes more about LeBron than necessary and sometimes idolatry him regardless of his shortcomings, but you are going to the other extreme as you try to point this out. Just be fair, and it will be easier to side with your opinion.

  5. Clark says:

    LeBron is just not the guy yall thought he was, he posted some foolish quote in a press conference about being the “Best player in the world”, but he still he didn’t win. Buddy is a cool player, but he is no “take over” the game player and willing to win at any costs like NBA legends Kobe & Jordan.