Steph Curry can dunk, too

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We already knew Steph Curry could shoot the ball — watch this if you didn’t know. But part of being the NBA’s MVP means being able to do more than one thing. So while Steph can stroke it from the perimeter, he can also do damage up close to the rim, as we see in this video from over the weekend. While on tour in the Philippines with Under Armour, Curry showed that perhaps he’ll be an equal-opportunity contest winner at next year’s All-Star Weekend in Toronto…


  1. mikeyg says:

    did they lower the basket or something?

  2. robbiz says:

    dunk champ ? lol someone needs click.
    he is the mvp, skilled to death, but for the dunking..
    and for someone of its size, to not dunk is a shame, i don’t see any miracle there (for the guy who talked about the lower rim).
    really guys, if you are at least 6, playing basketball and not able to dunk.. you have the vertical of a fish.

    • T-Mac says:

      Im 6 11” and i can’t dunk robbiz help me hahahaha

      • ozan arslan says:

        He’s 6-3, why would anybody think he cant dunk? Iverson was 6’0 and he could dunk. Nate Robinson is 5”8 and hecan dunk as well. I know he’s MVP and i have great respect for the guy but dont butter some player up just because he’s MVP.

  3. logic says:

    Kool stuff , am 5’8 and I can dunk , NM rep baller , can’t wait to see it in a game Mr.Curry

  4. pierce says:

    its not impossible and how can he not dunk if he’s 6’3″, athletic, and a basketball player, I mean a rapper can dunk (via Chris Brown)

  5. kwick says:

    stop the hate. — the guy just did a lob reverse alley oop dunk on his 1st try. —— creativity 10/10,

  6. yalldumb says:

    he doesn’t have a very high vertical which is why its a big deal that he can dunk

  7. Har says:

    Spud Webb is 5’7 and a nba dunk champion

  8. Brandon says:

    Big deal I was never really an athletic guy but at 5’10 I was able to two handed dunk on a 10ft regulation goal. For some reason though I could never do it with 1 hand and I absolutely had to jump off both my feet. Any other way of jumping or holding the ball would result in a sprite commercial.

  9. andre_marp says:

    can’t wait to see DeAndre Jordan doing 3 points regularly too

  10. Bob says:

    Kyle Korver

  11. ayyy says:

    lol that doesn’t look like 10 ft

  12. Loop says:

    Growing up in the Jordan era was great. We all wanted to be like Mike. The first time I dunk a regulation ball on a regulation goal, was my freshman year in high school. I was just over 5’6″ and by the time my senior year came I only grew a few inches more to 5’9″ but I had just over a 40″ vertical. I was a one foot jumper that couldn’t jump as high off two feet. I guess that’s weird but it allowed me to soar from far distances. My furthest dunk was a foot behind the dotted line in the key. I tried the free throw line once and had an epic failure (Thank god YouTube didn’t exist then). As far as being able to dunk, I think it’s just muscle genetics not height, although being well over 6ft helps.

  13. tas06 says:

    wow.. what are you talking about? he had some dunks last year during the games…

  14. tjl says:

    Are people really ripping Curry, one of the best shooters in the history of the game, for not being able to dunk like Dominique in a game? Please. All you high-risers, drop a 26-foot shot stopping on a dime, and then do it about 41% of the time in an NBA game.