LeBron and Kobe and their shooting based on accessories

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players wear uniforms, so that all players will look alike for fans and teammates can tell who is on their team. Of course, nobody really looks all that much alike, mostly because everyone accessorizes differently — longer shorts, different socks, headbands, armbands, and on and on and on.

And many players change their looks from game to game, including some of the biggest names in the NBA. Twitter user @nbaayy went through the 2014-15 season stats and figured out what LeBron James‘ shooting numbers were based on what he was wearing during each game…

He also did the same for Kobe Bryant

Bottom line? Not sure if it matters what they wear — these guys can play ball no matter what.


  1. RJ says:

    Forgot the Kobe Bryant stats when he had an afro! Haha

    • Joey says:

      He should have actually made the stats for the games LeBron wore the short sleeves jerseys that look like t-shirts since if I’m not mistaken I recall him complaining about them…disrupting his shot motion…

  2. Kal says:

    lol… so ideally He wants no headband but with left arm sleeve? second best: at least wear the headband…

    pretty sure it’s all relative to what’s happening at that point in the season team-wise…

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    Forget about headbands and sleeves… They won’t bring championships. Hey King, how is your summer? I hope you’ve been watching the tapes on how TEAMS win championships. SAS and GSW have only gotten better. The Cavs still run three plays; Post up for the King, pick and roll for the king and everyone move to the side of the floor we’re going to run an isolation for the king. What excuses will be made this year? When will we be hearing, I’ll b takin my talents to the LA Clippers? Just a rumor I hear throughout the league, no one wants to play on your team…

    • eu says:

      hes definetly gonna read this. great advice jeff

    • schmeveland schmavaliers says:

      Wow you have that hater blood in your veins.lets just be honest if irving in game 1 and love in.the celtics seriea didnt go down cleveland would of beat the warriors.And heres the logic behind it. In 2 different games in the series we lost by 8 (hardly a blowout one of which was game one which we would of won just with a healthy kyrie)your tellin me with kevin and kyrie they wouldnt of not only taken some bad shots away from jr smith but also at final buzzer not of dumped in in 8 points collectively.lets just use our brains and say yes they would of. While also making the warriors work harder on defense thus knocking some wind out of thier sails aaannnnddd with love and irving it would of taken attention and double/triple teams off of lebron so that he would have higher qualoty shots and opportunity from the floor spacing they would of brought. so please stop hating and just voice an opinion without malice.the spurs.i wont disrespect because their not only great but their underrated year after year.The warriors on the other hand are overrated mr mvp curry looked like a joke half of the time in the finals while lebron put up amazing numbers and just needed 1 helping hand on offense to shoulder the load with him make it 2 and what we would of had there is cavaliers winning in 5 possibly even 4.so your arguement sir has never been more invalid.

      • TrueStory says:

        Not arguing with anything you’re saying but can all the ranters at least learn to space out your dribble. Maybe a capital letter or two and some new paragraphs would make this nonsense easier to read.

  4. vincent says:

    no mention of the number of games according to each accessory variety?

  5. BT says:

    It just goes to show that accessories matter!!! It doesn’t matter which accessories- just as long as there’s something. lower shooting percentages across the board when they don’t have accessories. All these accessories have compression though with i think is interesting- compression psychologically is comforting, probably allowing them to relax a little more mentally during the game….interesting….

  6. Brandon Lopez says:

    Well look at this too… Remember when LeBron was wearing the Face mask thing and he was doing great with it on and the reporters would call him batman cause he was playing fantastic! I feel like he does do better with the headband. It doesn’t make him better but each every player has a habit that they are into that they have to do it to feel comfortable and get on there game. Like for me I need to wear Leg sleeves cause I always wore them and I got used to them and it made me feel better. Its like the “Lucky” item people have in their lives for anything.

  7. 414Buck says:

    Coming from someone who skill is on another level honestly accessories doesn’t matter in the slightest… Its all your MIND. a arm sleeve wouldn’t make my shot better or worse. Nor would a simple headband make my FG% shoot through the roof you guys are on the outside looking in SMH.

  8. Unkaned says:

    Best satire on the worthlessness and stupidity of analytics I’ve ever seen. Congrats for the author.

  9. Zane Dennison says:

    The deviation for Kobe is 4.3% in FG%, 3.9% for 3’s & 3.6% for FT… this is called statistically insignificant. Lebron varies by 11.8% for FG%, 25.1% for 3’s & 17.1% for FT’s which is clearly a statistical factor. this is also because Lebron is judged on a single season and Kobe appears to be judged for his career… but its still pretty indicative of the reliability they’ve shown during their careers. U know what u get with kobe (scoring and playmaking at a legendary level nearly every night, intimidation and specialization) and Lebron is much more inconsistent… but gets higher numbers in more varied stats overall. So for the people saying needless stats, look harder

    • These numbers are for the season bro.

      Maybe read the given better before you go all p-value on us.

      And these stats do not reflect consistency, because the number of games played with each accessory vary anyway.

      You want to look at consistency, look at career stats bro. You’re right, Kobe is pretty consistent, because nothing says consistency more than 45% career FG% and most shots missed of all time over 19 seasons. Pretty consistent indeed.

  10. I think Lebron James should go back to Miami Heat so Cleveland can prove that we can win a Championship without Lebron.

    • JamesBlanco says:

      They should try winning a championship with him while an argument can be made for him as the best player on the planet before they worry about winning without him.

      • Kobe is goat You Have Been Warned says:

        Wrong hes the smartest player on the planet Kd and Kobe are the best players on the planet

  11. snerro says:

    Johnnytc1 I hope you know what are you talking about!! King Jame won 2 rings and been to championship five times,I don’t think anybody can or will be like him.

    • Kobe is goat You Have Been Warned says:

      Kobe is goat he ran the nba for a whole decade n all u people do is d ride lebron. SMH he just not winnin after dam near 10 years and barely beat the spurs and pacers then if he lose yall curry fans or whoever winning! SAD

  12. djsobrino says:

    @Snerro Yes LeBron James has won 2 rings, has gone to the NBA finals 5 years straight (Which has been only been done since the Celtics in the 1960’s) but, LeBron has been to the NBA finals 6 times in total. In 2007 he went against the SPURS and lost, but got them back in 2013 (Hahaha) everyones keeps attacking LeBron for not winning all these rings, but what LeBron James has accomplished in these 12 years a lot of players wish they had on their profile. 4 Time Season MVP (Really 5 Time 2011 was robbed by Derrick Rose) plus 2 Gold Medals. LeBron doesnt have a DunkContestAward becuase he doesnt want to, we all know who the best Dunker and best player is in the NBA now. (LeBron James)

    • Kobe is goat You Have Been Warned says:

      Kobe same close or better for 9 years straight 2000-09 without changing teams so your point is invalid sir

  13. Clark says:

    LeBron is not the best player in the world. He is the most POPULAR player, not much having to do with his accolades on the court. There are guys who are better than LeBron, but they don’t have the popularity and don’t switch teams to be with stars: Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Demarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry. You get the idea, but you take away Wade and Bosh and he never receives a ring, He is like a Dominique Wilkins that got on a good team, that doesn’t really make you a great player, but a good team hopper and possible GM in the future.

  14. Clark says:

    Not Kobe Bryant because he is clearly better than LeBron in every way.

  15. Alawi says:

    Black Mamba better than any player in NBA now

  16. a tachinierer says:

    Let’s praise worthlessness, that isn’t worthless, analytically speaking. I appreciate the authors effort though.
    Reading through all of the comments added – which actually kind of makes me amuse myself, not only because of the spelling that is used to cloth their cravings to something in words, whatever it is, that is apparently anathema to at least somebody – I’m just wondering whether it doesn’t matter, that the hate spread through all those terrible mistakes, in case of spelling, in many years – if accessible – probably won’t even be “encodeable” by the author himself.
    I’m feeling ashamed of my-not-english-raised-self laughing about people writing english comments. I wish commentators on NBA.com took at least four to six minutes more to redact their written thoughts. Anyways I won’t stop looking at NBA-related slipshod paintings about hate and fandom. (“fandom” is a portmanteau consisting of fan [fanatic] plus the suffix -dom, as in kingdom)

  17. Mark from Bayarea says:

    Anyone saying Kobe is better than anyone in NBA, please stop.
    Just confess that time has consumed Kobe’s career.
    No one can stop the clock.
    I adore Kobe for all the things that he has done for NBA.
    However, the new generation is here : Curry, AD, KD, LeBron.

    Kobe is like Magic Johnson.
    We will miss him.