Rajon Rondo joins NBA/scooter trend

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — And the trend continues. There’s only so much you can do while working out on a basketball court. So why not mix it up a little bit by using a self-balancing scooter? We just saw Wesley Matthews practicing his game on one, and now here’s a video from the Kings showing Rajon Rondo working out on a self-balancing scooter, with a few dancing moves thrown in…

VIDEO: Rondo scooter


  1. Raf says:

    Rajon… better practice mid-range jump shot…

    • dd def says:

      or any kind of shot for that matter, anything from further than 2 feet is a brick for the man

    • bakermann says:

      My thoughts exactly….This is why he can’t shoot a jumper now. Smh Should be burning the midnight oil working on a consistent jumper, instead of playing on a scooter. GL Kings

    • Chill says:

      Calm down rr and dc led by gk are making it to wcsf this year.

      • artifex says:

        Really? Rondo (the 2009-11 original one), Cousins (a mature one) and Rudy Gay (a selfless one) make up for an interesting line up of the Kings. Though, not all 3 are very likely to be seen.
        Even if, WCSF? That is, being a top 4 team in the west? Can’t really see them making the PO at all. Spurs, GSW, Clips, Rockets return as favorites and OKC not likely to fall behind again. Grizz grinding, Jazz and Pels rising, don’t see PO space left.
        Mavs and Wolves the likliest wiggle-in candidates to me and sure Lillard will want to prove every dark-seer prove wrong.
        So, Lakes, Kings, Nuggets and Suns (if they loose Morris) more likely to fill the bottom of the table.

  2. PHAT BOI BALLER says:

    Rondo is the man people are comparing lebron to Jordan when they really should be comparing lebron to rajon because hes the best present player out there.

  3. PHAT BOI BALLER says:


  4. slider821 says:

    don’t let Monta get on one of those things!

  5. michael says:

    Rondo will need divine intervention to be able to hit jumpers with consistency

  6. michael says:

    bad attitude, bad jumper, bad knee