Detroit Pistons debut new hype video

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Detroit Pistons are a few years into their rebuilding campaign under Stan Van Gundy, and in this new hype video the Pistons released today, they point out the connections between the hard-nosed style of play Van Gundy is espousing, and the way the city of Detroit is rebounding from their economic troubles. Pretty cool stuff…

VIDEO: Pistons Hype


  1. You’d better believe any video claiming Detroit is “rebounding” from its economic troubles is nothing less than 100% hype.

  2. michael says:

    pistons are terrible, they overpaid for Reggie Jackson, and Drummond should jump ship as soon he is eligible to go

  3. michael says:

    but then again…I could be wrong… LOL

  4. Trueblood says:

    Next step….move to the new Detroit arena where downtown meets midtown. Keep the Palace open for non sporting events but the NBA works much better in the city as opposed to the suburbs.

  5. hooper says:

    How quick they forget about Brandon Jennings