German fans thank Dirk Nowitzki

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERDirk Nowitzki has had a long and storied career with the Dallas Mavericks and with his National Team, Germany. As Nowitzki’s basketball career winds down, he played for Germany this month during Eurobasket 2015, which was held in Germany, trying to help his country qualify for a spot in the 2016 Olympics. That run came to an end last night, as Germany was eliminated after a 77-76 loss to Spain. While Dirk hasn’t made an official announcement, this is likely the end of his international career.

And following the loss, the crowd in Germany gave Dirk a standing ovation, which brought him to tears…


  1. DimPont says:

    Dirk said that he might play for Germany again because there is a chance Germany takes a wildcard for the tournament that qualifies you to the Olympics.
    He is loved very much by Europeans generally because of his faith and love to the National team.

    • artifex says:

      The option to go for the wild card is quite controversially discussed on German baskeball websites (, home to the German NBA page). In the end it’s this tribute to his career and effort for the NT that should drive them to at least try out for it.
      While failing as 5th in their group, they still lost by a total of 15 pts in 4 games, only team to come within 2 against Serbia…
      and that with missing several frontcourt players (incl Tim Ohlbrecht (D-league allstar and champion), Elias Harris, Kleber and Theis),
      thought that can be said of other teams too (like Spain missing Gasol, Rubio, Calderon)…
      Don’t know why they never reach consisteny in the NT, but with more int. games I really feel positive..

      So, hope you can give us one more encore, Dirk.

  2. A very good humble guy, a silent winner that’s how we like them in Texas, Boy I loved what he did to Miami in the 2011 Finals and Im not really a Mavericks fan but I was that year.



  3. helveyn says:

    great international basketball career for dirk,i named my son dirk bcoz od dirks great baskteball career and also a graet guy!

  4. kobe says:

    take care legend

  5. Chris says:

    Those are real fans: seeing their national team failing and Nowitzki not playing well, and still they give him all the respect he deserves. Awesome fans of an awesome player and guy

  6. Missing AI says:

    One of the remaining stars whom played in 20th century NBA, a living legend. It will be really emotional when the time comes for him to retire from the NBA. Texas will never be the same after him and Timmy are gone.

  7. Dan says:

    I’m from Germany and I saw him playing in Berlin. He played well, but like the complete Team, he was unlucky at
    many attemps, especially from 3-Point Territory. I hope, they will have another Chance to qualify for the Olympics. That Team, espescially Dirk Nowitzki, deservs it.