Draymond Green brings NBA Championship trophy to College Gameday

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When you win an NBA Championship, you get to spend some time with the NBA Championship trophy, a.k.a. the Larry O’Brien trophy. Last season, for instance, a couple of the Spurs took the trophy back to Australia. The last few weeks we’ve seen some members of the Golden State Warriors taking the Larry O’Brien trophy around, but Golden State’s Draymond Green showed up this weekend for ESPN’s College Gameday on campus at his alma mater, Michigan State. And he brought a pretty cool friend with him: The Larry O’Brien trophy…



  1. chris toledo says:

    i love that draymond brought the prize to college game day. its such a great message to the college crowd that with hard work, determination, sacrifice and a positive attitude, that you too can achieve the ultimate prize in your chosen field. he, draymond is such a breath of fresh air. good on you draymond, i love that you are progressive in your thinking to know the impact that you will have on your college brethren by bringing the larry obrien. i have to admit, i was pulling for the cavs, but between draymond, steph and thompson, i am now a die hard warrior fan. one love yo.

  2. michael says:

    I’m hating on this guy now…he just got a big payday, he gets to lead the life i want to live, just won a championship, and plays on the best team in the nba!!! But you got to love the guy and the way he plays with such heart and determination…let’s switch places for a day draymond!