Jeremy Lin plays for the Charlotte Hornets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJeremy Lin is preparing to start his sixth NBA season, which means he’s been around the league for a while. But he hasn’t officially played a game yet for his newest team, the Charlotte Hornets. And perhaps it’s that he hasn’t been around a lot yet, or maybe it’s because he’s not a seven footer, but sounds like Lin might need to get an employee pass or business cards printed up…


  1. kwokwailai says:

    Nice try.

  2. nzs says:

    Not good for the hornets , him tweeting that. nope.

  3. Mark Harmony says:

    Seriously… How do security personnel not know the players on the team their supposed to be providing security for? *smh*

  4. Sing says:

    Seriously, take away Lin’s game, his “fame” and let say, he is an average NBA player. He is the only Asian-American on this NBA league AND how can anyone not recognize that!