Houston Rockets unveil new alternate jerseys

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Some NBA teams might have an alternate jersey. Last night, the Houston Rockets unveiled not one but three alternate jerseys. With the help of Dwight Howard, Donatas Motiejunas and Sam Dekker, the Rockets rolled out the Clutch City “Pride” jersey, a silver alternate, as well as a “Space City” black alternate that will drop in 2016. Which is your favorite jersey?


  1. Dylan W says:

    Man three brand new ugly uniforms to go along with the already ugly normal jerseys. Lucky Houston fans.

  2. skyler says:

    these uniforms r ugly i like the old ones

  3. roob says:

    hey really, fire all the useless jersey staff and put them to jail, all of them,then bring back the old jerseys, for every team.
    white at home, colored on the road.

  4. J-Dro says:

    These are horrible……..
    what I don’t understand is how the Rockets’ staff doesn’t look at all the amazing fan-based concepts on ClutchFans.com

  5. Artboi says:

    Griz should have an alternate that says, “Grind House”. That would be SO AWESOME!

  6. P-HILL says:

    Dang, these are ugggggg. They all seem to know it in that first photo too.

  7. Kobe Fan says:

    Putting clutch city on that pride 1 just ruined it

  8. jdub455 says:

    lolz… looks nasty…

  9. atomic30 says:

    Adidas just keeps making nba uniforms more ugly by the day…..

  10. abra says:

    There’s still time not to debut them

  11. sumumba1 says:

    dag…i SERIOUSLY always wanted to design jerseys…..now i’m even MORE motivated…these duds are truly that…. atrocious…smh