Kobe Bryant shows off fancy footwork in FIFA 16 ad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Kobe Bryant’s love for soccer has been well-documented here and elsewhere. So it’s not a huge surprise that he pops up midway through this new commercial for EA Sports’ FIFA 16 and does the equivalent of sinking a fullcourt shot…with his feet. Think there were camera tricks involved?

(via Silver Screen and Roll)


  1. michael says:

    now that’s what i call feetwork (LoL)

  2. ZayZay says:

    The realest #24

  3. Sukhee the butcher says:

    Of course hollywood involved. I am not saying he can’t make it, it would’ve been too many takes for all day just to get one shot right. Nash might have more chance in it. By the way it tells you that basketball is getting closer to football global level. I love it.

  4. joe says:

    It’s impressive that the kid in that commercial made a half court shot. Combine those two shots happening right after each other, i bet the chances are 1-10,000. Also, why is Kobe with this kid on a deserted basketball court in the middle of a beautiful day with no one else there?

  5. Pili Morales says:

    Love yuo Kobe!! Can´t wait to see you playing again!!!!

  6. Unkaned says:

    Pretty spectacular! I sure hope his rotator cuff is completely better. Because 8 months of not shooting may make it hard to be as sharp as he was four years ago, before all the injuries — and when he was four years younger. Let’s hope. Otherwise, I’m betting a lot of soccer coaches are drooling.

  7. I believe it’s all Kobe or nothing.