Sonny Weems is a rimwrecker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Swingman Sonny Weems has played for a couple of NBA teams, but has a new home after signing with the Phoenix Suns over the summer. What will Weems bring to the Suns? Presumably several skills, but for certain, he looks ready to do some incredible dunking.

Here is cell-phone footage from a recent workout at the Suns facility, where Weems goes baseline and dunks, and brings the rim along with him. Think this means we’ll get Weems in the dunk contest this season?


  1. NBAfanAndrew says:

    O wow!!!!!!

  2. verkleyalex says:

    I think Toronto would love to see Weems in the dunk contest. He was a fan favourite here

  3. Andrew says:

    … Not that crazy

  4. Power says:

    he barely dunked that. the only thing that made it impressive was the defender getting in his way

  5. rock solid solutions & consulting says:

    Average people. Undersized but nice. Everyone pushing this beyond that has personal reasons. Sorry but true

    • DYJ says:

      When a man rips down the rim with 1 hand it’s “average”? When was the last time you saw this kind of “average” stuff anywhere?