LeBron’s son does a pretty good imitation of Dad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen a few athletes in different sports pay tribute to LeBron James by breaking out “The Silencer,” his in-game celebration. But can anyone do it as well as LeBron? How about his son, Bryce, as in this video LeBron posted to Instagram…


  1. roob says:

    lebron i like you man but seriously, you are past 30, what about a man celebration move ? this, like we all see, is good for the kids.
    the eyes or your wife are saying something else.. just saying lolll

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    King, why don’t you celebrate a championship move. Never mind, you won’t be winning one of those unless you went and sat on the bench for GSW or SAS. Even knows they don’t want you on the floor with them. Better yet, just stay in Cleveland with the Cav’s, Indians and Browns. You all have the same things in common….

  3. tre says:

    Who peeped the cook make the garbage can though?