Thunder unveil alternate uniforms for 2015-16 staff reports

Kevin Durant’s back healthy and cleared for camp. There’s a new coach and system in town. Russell Westbrook is still arguably the most explosive player in the NBA.

With the future looking as bright as it is in Oklahoma City, why not unveil sunset orange uniforms to be worn 18 times this upcoming season?

durant west

The Thunder will wear these alternate uniforms on all 13 of their Sunday matchups, along with five other times throughout the season.


  1. teg says:

    they look ok. nice they have an orange jersey, but I could care less about the number over name on the back

  2. colt13 says:

    I like the orange one. Just wish they had and alternate in Sonics green.

  3. Ford says:

    “Sunset” isn’t usually the metaphor you’d employ when talking about a bright future, “nba staffs”.

    I think it fitting for Durant’s last season in OKC.

  4. zanzinger214 says:

    How many uniforms are they going to have next year, 7, 10?

    Whoever staged that photo needs to go to ikea and grab some hangers!

  5. jimbo says:

    …unbelievable ugly!… once KD will leave okc next year for the capital, okc will be just forgotten!! who da hell want to play and live in oklahoma?! c’mon! oklahoma?, seriously! gimme a break!

  6. Dan says:

    It kinda reminds me of Goku’s outfit from DragonBall

  7. geo nowitzki says:

    that jersey should have been the first thunder jersey to release

  8. geo nowitzki says:

    that orange jersey should have been the first ever thunder jersey made now it just seems like they goin backwards

  9. jimbo says:

    it doesn’t matter what colors you wear, okc will be always the shadow of the great Supersonics!… besides, okc is not even in northwest!?… it is more east than Milwaukee!! should be on the east cost conference!

  10. FT says:


  11. kb24 says:


  12. I love it. Orange is a rare color to see on jerseys and these are certainly orange. These are much better than the blue alternates, I don’t care for those too much .

  13. Pretty Ricky says:

    It is amazing how much people hate for no reason.You can never have enough merchandise for your team I’m not an OKC FAN but I like these jerseys so if u don’t like them don’t buy them no need to be a HATER

  14. Lavail says:

    Ok all I see the Illinois basketball jersery here with that orange nothing to see here

  15. BKAY says:

    not crazy about these or the white with the half sleeves. LOVE the alternate dark blue. Old school

  16. $W@GGY E says:

    heck yea i wonder wat kind of shoes kd will make for this new jersey.

  17. dd def says:

    5 jerseys and not a single good one. time to fire their designer me thinks

  18. installer-x says:

    Nice, reminds me of those orange juice box when I was younger. They should have Durant sipping an orange flavored juice box while taking the picture.Lol.

  19. VinceDumbrique says:


  20. adam silver says:

    the white sleeved jersey is the nicest one… it’s lean, clean, and modern. Navy one is ok. Orange one is too 90’s

  21. adam silver says:

    i could see alan houston in an orange one

  22. Jacoby Bryant says:

    WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?!?!? Fam these unis are too dang ugly for real!