Vince Carter apologizes to Frederic Weis

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Fifteen years ago today, at the Sydney Summer Olympics, during a men’s basketball game between the United States and France, Vince Carter did something pretty spectacular: He jumped completely over seven-footer Frederic Weis and dunked the ball. It was, arguably but quite possibly, the greatest in-game slam dunk of all-time.

VIDEO: Carter dunks on Weis

And now, fifteen years later, in an interview on TrueHoopTV, when asked what he would say to Frederic Weis, Carter apologizes…

You can watch the full interview here and there’s a great oral history about the dunk here, too.

Have to say, still seems like yesterday to some of us.


  1. blazermaniac32 says:

    I would agree that’s the best in-game dunk I’ve ever seen. I would also mention Shaq pulling down the whole hoop, KJ on Hakeem, Tom Chambers on Mark Jackson, Diandre Jordan on Brandon Knight, and Shawn Kemp on Lister.

    • Greg says:

      brandon knight is only 6’3″…the Blake Griffin over Perkins is definitely better

      • Hecker says:

        Why are we even mentioning about Griffin’s dunk when his dunks were pretty much all offensive foul with his left arm block/pushing down his defenders? If you want to know the real definition of “in-your-face” dunks, you should look at Vince Carter’s and Shawn Kemp’s dunks…. Griffin is not even in the same league.

  2. mmazzi says:

    my 2 fav players in one pic – KG and VC

  3. zhiggi says:

    Why does he need to apologize though? just saying….

    • Raymond K. Robinson says:

      Vince Carter, the best in-game and dunker of all-time PERIOD!!! If that was MJ I do not believe many people would think he should apologize. As a matter of fact most everyone was claim it would have been that type of dunk put him over the top as the greatest! That was in game and Vince was hype for HIS country like the Dream Team!!! They did to others far humiliating then Vince ever did. Weis, if he could not rebound from that then unfortunately, it became his issue and not VINCE! That was Epic in the game of basketball and Vince as always the gentleman, needlessly apologized to help make another human being feel better. However, he did not owe his opponent an apology if he did then so does the Dream Team of 1992!! For the record, they don’t owe one nor Vince!!!

    • 1mfilms says:

      he doesn’t. VC “apologized” with a smile and a laugh.

  4. triston says:

    You can apologize til the cows come home Vince, doesn’t change the fact that you totally and utterly obliterated the man’s entire hopes, dreams and overall outlook on life in one fail swoop from the rafters. I heard the man couldn’t show his face without suffering great shame and ridicule from people anywhere and everywhere he went. To be 7 ft tall and have a man’s gonads glance off your head top, on National Television to boot, is humiliating to highest of levels known to mankind. What could possibly be worse than that, good lawd. Oh yea, have the same one who caused you to be unable to get a job flipping burgers at McDonalds,, apologize 15 years later.. Shame…

  5. as says:

    The dunk was great, but I don’t like Vince Carter’s attitude over the years in different interviews regarding that guy.
    The guy didn’t lose the ball, and tried to get a foul. It destroyed his moral and career. It’s stupid and arrogant from Vince Carter to show so much proud about this.
    Just my point of view

  6. Dave says:

    The peak of fearlessness, insanity, will power, belief, strength, athletisism, and love of the game all rolled into one spectacular moment.

  7. prof.x says:

    it looked like weis trying to get a charging foul, the only mistake he did was he not getting his hands up

  8. bawco says:

    If u see VC coming at you, just get out the way

  9. magreen says:

    First things first. Carter deserves to be proud and celebrate jumping over this man and dunking on him. Who else can say that they have successfully cleared and 7 footer and dunked the ball? Not even the mighty Air Jordan or Dr.J can say they have come close to something like this. This was simply a once in a lifetime thing. Just like Wilt’s 100 point game. No one will ever do that again just like no one will ever do this again either. And dont blame Carter because Weis tucked in his tail and threw in the flag and called it quits. Do you know how many great players have been dunked on and still played? All the Hall of Fame centers have been dunked on pretty bad at least once in their career.

  10. golduck says:

    What everyone doesnt know is how this ruined the poor guys life. This started a snowball effect which led to depression and all sort of personal problems for the Frenchmen who at one point almost took his own life. It was an amazing dunk but lets not blow it out of proportion and cross that internet bullying line. Lets focus on how good carter was and not how bad Fred got it.

    • Boris says:

      Get your facts right, this did not ruin his life. Frederic wanted to be a father more than anything. The snowball effect you’re talking about started when his son Enzo was diagnosed with autism. Vince’s dunk is fantastic but I agree not to let it get out of proportions…it did not ruins Weis’s life. Weis learnt that a man can fly that day, but he got much more hurt from all the hate he received at New York after been picked by the Knicks, mainly because he is not american! He is still seen as a great of the game in France and that’s probably why he sometimes comment some games on the French league TV (above comments from Triston regarding Weis unability to find a job are simply stupid). I can’t stand uneducated comments but let’s not forget why we are reading this…this was an amazing dunk! Well done Vince Carter.

  11. WindMill says:

    Hei, it was a great dunk, but guys, do your homework! He’s struggles didnt start from there! He was still playing good, but he had some problems in his family and thats why he became depressed! Now he is retired, but doing good! Better then 50% of the NBA players after getting retired! 😉

  12. Kal says:

    people want VC to apologize for this? … i guess we should just ban dunking next…

    sounds like this guy never should have played ball if he was gonna take it that hard..

  13. Wes says:

    Dr J. on Michael Cooper…b4 I was alive, but that’s gotta be mentioned for best in game dunks

  14. VincePectacular says:

    Kevin Garnett’s reaction was pretty animated but Vin Baker’s reaction says a lot more about how nasty it was! Best in-game dunk definitely!

  15. Andrew says:

    Shawn kemp on Gatling, the best dunk of all time.

  16. roob says:

    i saw it live but weis was a slowmo pikachu kissing machine, i like it but my vince carter favorite is the one over mourning. (not as a raptor)
    And like Tmac the other violent one i like is the one over mutombo, elevate with 2 hands, then the one hand finish. statement

  17. nick r says:

    Yo vince, when are you coming to BHS?. I know the kids here would love to have you speak to them.
    oh yea, greatest dunk of all time.
    #tennessee #brentwood #chapelhill #topofthehill #heels #respect

  18. Andre brown says:

    Pippin on ewing

  19. Jordan dunked over Thurl Baliey a 7 footer he had more style but Vince was epic….

  20. patrickmarc says:

    Muggsy Bogues ?
    Nate Robinson?

  21. geo nowitzki says:

    i think baron Davis over kirelenko is up there as well

  22. geo nowitzki says:

    mcgrady on Bradley was good too ended his career

  23. Gentlecroc says:

    I would pay Vince to dunk over me. Having a picture with that guy even postirized would be an awesome moment.

    It was a great moment of basketball. It was a less caring moment about humanity :)))

  24. Paul Rudeen says:

    Starks over MJ

  25. adam silver says:

    shaq on chris dudley

  26. rey laps says:

    how about Kobe’s dunk on Yao/Nash/Howard???