J.R. Smith hits $30,000 shot for military member

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you needed an NBA player to make a halfcourt shot with high stakes, J.R. Smith would be a good option, considering his ability to make shots from anywhere on the court. And last night in Cleveland, at the Cavaliers’ Wine and Gold scrimmage, J.R. Smith had the chance to take a halfcourt shot worth $30,000 for a military member. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that J.R. calmly stepped up and drained the jumper from halfcourt…



  1. Soldier King says:

    nice shot!

  2. sirscoooooop says:

    Jr is the ish. Clevland gonna lean hard on him shump and mo this regular season! Best part about that shot is £ bet he did it on 4 hours sleep!

  3. darryl drain a.k.a "Can a butterfly sing" says:

    Where was this type of shooting in the finals against golden state ??? -_-

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    There was no shooting like that against GSW, because they have D-Fense. Also, he is not allowed to shoot. Cleveland only has three plays. Post up to King, pick and roll to King and of course Kings favorite, everyone get out of the way so i can run an isolation. There you have it… King, please sit on the bench so we can watch the Cav’s play!