Steph Curry is giving out pre-emptive high fives

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Check out this video a fan shot at the Warriors/Raptors exhibition game. The Warriors have the ball on a fast break, and after the ball gets whipped around a bit, the ball ends up in the corner in the hands of Steph Curry. How good a shooter is Curry? Look closely, but it’s clear: As the ball leaves Curry’s hand, he turns and gives a high five to Andre Iguodala on the bench…while the ball is still in the air.

Hey, when you know it’s going in, you know…

Here’s another look at the shot:


  1. Soldier King says:


  2. Dan says:


  3. ramona says:

    steph is the man & he knows it ,can’t help but love his game.yea steph

  4. michael says:

    that was gangsta!!! Supreme confidence

  5. O says:

    Reminds me of Gilbert Arenas celebrating buzzer beaters before they get in! 😉 Steph is simply GREAT. And look how much fun they are having out there. This is what basketball (and sports more in general) is about. It’s a game… have fun.

  6. Polak from Poland says:

    he is a legend right now!…even that he will play at least 10 more years…and that’s a good new

  7. Mike says:

    Great for Steph! If Lebron James would have done this what would everyone actions be? Lebron knows he’s great or Lebron is arrogant and cocky? My thoughts

  8. Unkaned says:

    Not news. Shooters generally know the moment the ball leaves their fingertips if its going to go it. During the season, this would have been a benchable mistake. But during pre-season, and basketball is supposed to be entertaining, this is nothing but an expression of you — with a risk. If he had missed the shot, this sequence could have been shown relentlessly on Shaq-tin-the-Fool. Instead, is eams of confidence. Move on viewers.

  9. Mr.SuperSplash30 says:

    Curry is the Greatest player of alll time

  10. johnnytc1 says:

    I loved that he smoked the king in the playoffs and got the mvp. sorry King!

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    no king, you can’t b takin your talents to GSW. they don’t want you!

  12. Alex says:

    Golden State beat LeBron and the second option Cavs, less decisively than expected as well, and Curry deserved the MVP for the last 3 games. Unfortunately for the NBA, Golden State vs the Cavaliers never happened. As a fan of the game itself, I think that a healthy Cavs lineup was great competition for Golden State, and could have been a finals full of greatness. With Kevin Love sidelined by a vengeful foul, and Uncle Drew injured, we got another LeBron vs…

  13. Erlo says:

    Can’t wait for Cleveland to sweep the Spurs in the finals this year.

  14. The Bay says:

    We are witnessing the evolution of the greatest shooter in the history of basketball along side the greatest basketball athlete who has graced the court clashing in the same era… Sit back and enjoy everyone…stop with the bitch’n…don’t even take notes…just sit back and enjoy greatness among us…wow.

  15. Darryl Curtis says:

    Steph Curry won the skills competition at the All -Star Game
    Steph Curry won the 3 point shooting contest at the All-Star Game
    Steph Curry won the MVP
    Steph curry won the NBA Championship…
    and Lebron is the greatest player??? Huh?