J.R. Smith buys, eats cotton candy on bench during preseason game

By Jeff Case

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith marches to the beat of his own drummer (or, if it’s during The Finals, to the beat of his own Phunkeeduck). The preseason is seemingly right up Smith’s alley with games often held in non-NBA arenas so fans outside of the teams cities can get a gander at their local team a little closer to home.

Such was the case last night for the Cavs preseason game against the Memphis Grizzlies, held at the Jerome Schottenstein Center on Ohio State’s campus. Memphis won the game and sent Cleveland to 0-3 in the preseason, but Smith may have won the night. Smith sat out the game due to hamstring soreness but, during the first half of the game, flagged down a cotton candy vendor in the lower bowl.

ESPN.com’s Dave McMenamin recounts the tale from there

Smith, dressed in his Cavs warm-ups, flagged down a cotton candy vendor who was working the lower bowl at the Schottenstein Center in order to snag a treat.

The transaction was captured by FanSided.com’s Jared Mueller.

The outlandish activity was initially chalked up by observers as Smith being Smith and showing the eccentric side that has followed him like a shadow during his 12-year career. Also, it was only a preseason game, after all. His in-game snack only illustrated just how inconsequential the preseason schedule really is.

A Cavs team official said that Smith was purchasing the cotton candy for the son of professional golfer Jason Day, who was seated by the Cavs bench. Day’s wife, Ellie, is from Lucas, Ohio, and is a Cleveland sports fan. The couple sat courtside for Game 3 of the NBA Finals in June.

After finishing the Presidents Cup on Sunday, Day flew from South Korea back to Ohio to catch the Cavs game Monday. Smith, an avid golfer in his free time, has befriended Day since he was traded to Cleveland from New York last season.

While the cotton candy might have been ultimately intended for Day’s son, Dash, Smith munched on some of it during the game as well.

To corroborate McMenamin’s account, we’ve got some additional Twitter pictures of the transaction …


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    JR, are you trying to one up the King’s selfie? He will be mad at you for taking some of his attention away. Why weren’t you in the top three commercial ? KI and KL are always injured. I hope that won’t be the only time we see them this year?

  2. Da Truth says:

    So what? I thought maybe he’d by the whole loot and distribute it to fans, now that would be news worthy.

  3. Liam Michie says:

    The shoe lace bandit trying to one up the king! JR is just trying to make himself relevant, he thought it would work if he went to the cavs, but now more people don’t care about him! #kingjames

  4. OverseasNBAfan says:

    JR Spliff got the munchies lol

  5. billy says:

    they do this stuff because they r that kinda people.we as fans pay them ,so they r forced in a way to give back by nba rules.but force is not what is done, a lot of us ball players come from rough starts and we know what its like to be apart of real struggles and its just a way to give back.we all have it,the want of doing something good,but hear lately it;s getting bad.these acts like this are often done but something out of norm is different.this is new nba,in the jordan era no one was really showed interacting with the fans,all the bigs stars were focused on beating jordan.its all about the money in a lot of ways but people why cant we say he wanted some cotton candy hell he bought it just like we would if we wanted some

  6. johnnytc1 says:

    Awww Billy, that was so nice of you to comment. But you’re wrong! The out of control Cav’s are the only team who demonstrates this type of I need attention. he was just one uping the Kings selfie. Can you imagine for a moment what Greg Pop would do if Manu went up in the crowd and bought cotton candy? Ha! his butt would be suspended… The cotton candy stunt was premeditated . When was the last time you saw an NBA player with their wallet on them during game time. the King and his court better concentrate on fighting every minute because they will be just a .500 team this year. They’ve already lost; not 1, not 2, not3
    but 4 games already and Indy will run them out tonight…

    • Kevin says:

      First, Pop is a grumpy old man and I couldn’t care less how he would react to someone buying a kid cotton candy at a preseason game. Second, J.R. Smith was doing something entertaining (and nice), and last time I checked, basketball was entertainment. Third – are you actually making regular season predictions based on the preseason?? Come on now…

      • John says:

        Nobody cares about preseason records. That’s like saying summer league is relevant to the teams success while bron, love, and irving are in the bahamas.

  7. WJS says:

    Kevin, Kevin,Kevin…. I couldn’t agree with Johnny more. Pop runs a tight ship and does nothing but win. Could you imagine what they would do to the King and his court this year! Whoa! If there was going to be a prediction after based on the preseason the Cav’s would be 0-82. They will be a .500 team because they only run three plays; post up the king, pick and roll for the king and of course, everyone get out of the way we’re running an isolation for the King. They are very undisciplined and self promoting and I still haven’t figured out why. They haven’t ever won a thing… Can you even imagine what the legends think right now…??? Oh yes, you’re right on, Basketball is entertainment. We are so thankful for NBA.com bringing us all the stories of the King errrrr Jester and his merry men. I never laughed so hard lately. So much fun…

  8. johnnytc1 says:

    There you have it, Kevin. As I predicted Indy ran the Cav’s out of the building. Maybe I should reconsider my .500 winning percentage for the Jester and the rest of his court. I love it when those who run their mouth get stomped.

    • Taythegreat23 says:

      You people need to stick to watching tv, and quit being so negative. You people are such pessimist. I’m so amazed that u allow a proven shooter/jokester get u so amped up because he bought cotton candy at a preseason game. If you really follow lebron and the last five nba championships he’s appeared in, preseason has never mattered in fact I think he has a loosing record. So cut the crap and sit back and watch the king do what he’s done best WIN!!!! Basketball is suppose to be fun, and the fans are suppose to enjoy the experience , while u people are over here being grumpy and victors, ur made somebody’s day and the cottons candy guy will have something to smile about for the rest of his life!! Smile guys it’s going to be ok

  9. joe brewer says:

    Nice of him .if hes ever in ga ill buy if i see him.

  10. Frank vactor says:

    JR why he’s sorry on the court , eating cotton candy on thsś

  11. Frank vactor says:

    JR is a bum never carries himself professionally