Marc Gasol, 3-point shooter?

By Jeff Case

Despite having been born in Spain, Grizzlies center Marc Gasol is seen by the loyal Memphis fan base as a native son of sorts. His emergence from second-round pick to, perhaps, the best center in the NBA has been nothing short of remarkable. His path has been forged by a tremendous work ethic and a constant bettering of his on-court skills.

So, then, should we really be surprised that he’s maybe/kinda/sorta developing a 3-point stroke? Well, maybe we’re stretching things a little bit here, but if Gasol’s run of 3-pointers (19 of ’em, in fact!!) at a recent Grizzlies open practice is any indication, he may be even further diversifying his vast game.

VIDEO: Marc Gasol nails 19 3-pointers at open practice



  1. OKC says:

    Wow I’m for sure moving him even farther up my fantasy board.

    On a side note with 3point shooter/shot blocker combo players being so dominate in fantasy if AD really does add the 3 point shot to his game he will reign as the top pick for years and years to come.

  2. lbj says:

    Wow. That should scare other teams.

    It’s not even about the three pointers. It’s the fact that the best player on the Grizzlies is still working to add to his game. That’s a max center right there.

  3. this guy is gonna turn himself into an MVP candidate for years to come…and he’s so loyal to memphis that he might even bring that team a championship

  4. Andrew says:

    I must say he is either no: 1 or 2 for the best center in the current season and with this skill added to his game, he could challenge for the MVP.

  5. The best part is how much he enjoys it. True basketball player, lover of the game.

  6. The best part is how much he enjoys this. True basketball player, lover of the game. Good to see 🙂

  7. LuukM says:

    This guy already was my favorite player in the league, and he just keeps on getting better and better. I’m thrilled to see how far he’s going to take his game.

  8. hey hey hey says:

    are you serious
    love him

  9. Ferran says:

    When he played with Akasvayu Girona (Spanish league) for 2 years, he shot a lot of 3 pointers with a very good %. That 2nd year he was the global MVP at the end of the season. So he’s a 3-point shooter for sure!

  10. Ante says:


  11. Zergman says:

    Truly impressive. With that said his foot was on the line for almost every shot. Needs to get that fixed if he’s doing the 3 point contest..hahah

  12. Eric says:

    Wow! The Gasol brothers are becoming 3 point shooters, scary.

  13. Dunha says:

    steph curry wearing high heels

  14. Michael says:

    Inspired by his brother Pau Gasol? 😀