Steve Nash back in a Phoenix Suns uniform

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a while since we’ve seen Steve Nash playing in an NBA game, and while his NBA career may have ended a season ago, from this recent photo, he looks like he’s still in playing shape. As Nash prepares to go into the Phoenix Suns “Ring of Honor,” he took part in a recent photo shoot wearing the same uniform he wore while winning two MVP awards.


  1. Mark Carpenter says:

    Congrats Steve…greatest pure point guard in NBA history!

  2. Wayne Clarke says:

    Wow, what a miraculous come back took 30 million from us now he is ready to play again, what no back injuries, no fractured leg, back spasms. Now he is ready to play ball again. He sure took us for a ride. OH and he is not the greatest point guard in history. No rings just a few MVP trophies. signed Lifetime Laker Fan.,

    • ant acosta says:

      Hater!!!! Lol I’m glad he took all the money from the fakers… Instead of giving kobe 60 million dollars

    • Jason says:

      Clearly Lakers fans can read well. It’s a photoshoot, not returning to play. He’s a player development coach with the Warriors now..

  3. Bruce says:

    Two MVP’s, should of been 3 in a row. But that’s OK, Phoenix fans know he deserved the one that got away.

  4. geo nowitzki says:

    wanted Nash to come back to Dallas would have been nice to see him play in the white and blue again. 2 mvps over shaq really 28 and 15

  5. Antonio Perez says:

    good steve you look healthy

    the only thing missing is the long hair