The Golden State Warriors are fired up for opening night

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As part of the Hang Time Road Trip, last week we visited Oakland, California, where the defending champion Warriors are getting ready for the start of the season. And there in Oakland, the Warriors have no problem reminding you that they’ve got the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Well, except for when they left it on our bus for about an hour…

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NBD just me and the Larry O'Brien trophy #nbahangtime

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But next week the Warriors begin their actual defense of the title. Their season begins next Tuesday, October 27, at home against the New Orleans Pelicans (TNT, 10:30 PM EST), and to make sure everyone is properly pumped up for the big game, the Warriors dropped this video…

VIDEO: Warriors hype


  1. geo nowitzki says:

    hate the warriors but steph is a beast deserved that championship

    • GOOOOOO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      The Warriors WILL win another ring,and Steph will win another MVP award and ring.Thats final.

      • I doubt that.. says:

        Steph won the MVP award because sportwriters never seen anything what Steph did during the season.. but for a second season seeing that almost all his highlights are threes, i doubt it.. 3pt highlights get old easily and people expecially basketball critics get excited more with tough plays, great defense, spectacular dunks in short, overall game… sportswriters will surely vote at the most exciting player in the nba that has great stats.. Steph is exciting at first because his game was unique but now that critics already saw his game, it’s not as exciting anymore as the previous year.. LeBron still is the best in the game today until Anthony Davis dethrones him but for now he is and will be the MVP as what the predictions says, look it up here at If for some reason the NBA let the fans choose who will be the MVP, well sure Steph will win 100%, because we all know Steph played as, in Pro Wrestling terms, a “Face” and LeBron is a “Heel”… but sadly for the fans, they only get a portion of the vote and sportswriters does majority of it.. I’m not a Curry hater in a fact I love Steph and I’m happy for him winning the title but thats the fact..

  2. Mark from BayArea says:

    The Warriors are fired up!!
    Let’s show the doubters that we are not fluke!!
    We have been waiting for so long to win this title.
    Do not respect the power of teamwork and the power of great coaching.
    Only team I respect outside of GSW is the Spurs.