The Los Angeles Clippers begin their Quest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Winning an NBA title is no easy feat — the regular season is a marathon, not a sprint, and then once you arrive at the postseason, there are usually all kinds of obstacles to overcome. So in this new spot from TNT, we see the Clippers on their “quest” for a championship. Last week we saw the Cavs’ commercial, which involved a desert and a camel. In this ad, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce and DeAndre Jordan board an actual clipper and aim for the Larry O’Brien trophy…with a well-known actor and Clips fan stowed away, as well…

VIDEO: Clippers Quest


  1. geo nowitzki says:

    deandre look like a sweaty Apollo from rocky should of thrown him of the boat then a maverick horse step on his head.

  2. Eddie says:

    Wow, does Lang not know Bill Crystal’s name? Just referred to him as a “well-known actor and Clips fan”.

  3. Tomas G says:

    I love these NBA commercials the NBA does a great job marketing their star power.

  4. RyanSpotOnCity says:

    It’s called no spoilers journalism. The reason Crystal wasn’t mentioned.

  5. Fermin says:

    Too bad for Paul Pierce he will play until he’s 50, for CLippers to become CAHMPIONS….

  6. Red says:

    Clippers went fishing early…………