Andre Iguodala can still dunk (sometimes)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Our first stop on the Hang Time Road Trip — which airs tonight at 7 pm ET on NBA TV! — was a Golden State Warriors practice, where I ran into NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. This was an open practice, meaning the stands were full of fans, and the players were mostly trying to make the fans happy by trying dunks and trick shots.

I say mostly, because Iguodala wasn’t dunking at all. So during a break in the practice I asked what was up, and Andre explained that he was just too old and tired to dunk like he used to earlier in his career.

I bring this up because last night I was sitting on the couch watching the Warriors/Lakers preseason game on TNT, and toward the end of the third quarter, this happened…

VIDEO: Iguodala dunk

Impressive, right? Steph Curry threw that up from halfcourt, and Iguodala threw it down. It was impressive enough that I grabbed my phone and tweeted at Andre…

The next play? Oh, right. Maybe you had a point, Dre…

VIDEO: Iguodala misses

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  1. Mud says:

    LOL that was funny.