Detroit basketball goes around the world

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Detroit Pistons tipped off their season with a win in Atlanta, and then went back to Detroit for last night’s home opener against Utah (they won that one, too). Of course, you can’t have a basketball game without a basketball, and for last night’s home opener, the basketball took a bit of a circuitous (although enjoyable to watch) route.

VIDEO: Detroit basketball


  1. lel says:

    lol, mom’s spaghetti

  2. Detroit BasketBall… I’m representing my Home Team The Detroit Pistons all the way from Atlanta GA, b y way of Saginaw MI.

    It’s all LOVE

  3. nico says:

    The best scene Eminem

  4. Maverik770 says:

    Born and raised Clevelander and huge Cavs fan here but I’m really excited for the Pistons this year. I think they have a solid team and could make a really good Playoffs push this year. They’re gonna be a fun team to watch this year. I enjoyed the video and am very excited to see people excited for the Pistons. I’ve always loved the Cavs-Pistons rivalry and hope to see it renewed this year. Best of luck to the Pistons and Detroit, really hope to see you all in the Playoffs. 🙂 ❤

  5. David Junker says:

    All the way from Japan, great start 3 – 0. Love your defense. Long season though. Been a Pistons fan from the earl 80’s and the Bad Boys era…

  6. The Nerd says:

    What happen to Big Ben

  7. Txemapamundi says:

    You know the USA is not the whole world, do you? Why do you keep saying NBA world champions?

  8. Suzette E. KOchell says:

    Enjoyed the clip.