LeBron James Wins Halloween

By Nick Margiasso IV

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

But a moving picture of Cavaliers star LeBron James mimicking legendary musical artist Prince for Halloween? Well, that’s worth about a gazillion.

So, without further ado…

Yes there’s more…


  1. Steve Robertson says:

    Way to go James, you could not have picked anyone better!

  2. Louise Jean Abucayan says:

    You’re truly the best in what you do.

  3. dmoney says:

    Great job bron bron

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    Oh we can never escape the king and his antics. What happen the other night against Miami? I thought the offense was supposed to run through KL? King u b lyin again. I can only imagine what the rest of the guys think in the NBA including your team mates? I didn’t see our raining MVP and champ behaving like this… Oh king.

    • xen says:

      Wow, such a pathetic hater right here……

      …Did you even watch the game? Doesn’t seem that you did.

      How about you take all the effort you put into hating one of the games all-time greatest and put it toward something actually beneficial to yourself and humanity.

  5. wjs says:

    What is he doing now? I have never seen anything like this guy in any sport. What a disgrace! Go home and attend to your family!! Are you addicted to attention or what? I don’t like LBJ at all and the sports fans I know all say the same thing. Can someone mentor this out of control person? Feeling sorry for LBJ!

    • xan says:

      Go back under whatever rock you obviously just crawled out from under. Saying he needs to “attend to his family” shows how little you actually know about the guy.

      Take you hating elsewhere, it is sad and pathetic.

    • Happy says:

      Way to go Lebron!

  6. karl J says:

    That will be the only thing he will win this year.

  7. Jake says:

    Yea… no… The Aladdin guy won Halloween, this wasn’t even close.

  8. John says:

    Game: Blouses

  9. johnnytc1 says:

    you’re right about that @Jake. They would only be a .500 team but they play ninth east. Oh King, you bring us all such joy because of you antics, you’re five step dunks, your flopping, your excuses etc…

  10. Andrew says:

    … epic. Only the king.

  11. Sherri L Webb says:

    Love it my favorite NBA player and one of my all time favorite artist rolled into one. No trick here all treat. You go KING JAMES

  12. johnnytc1 says:

    @Xen and Xan, Two guys as one? Yes, on H-Night, you should be attending to your kids and taking them out for trick or treat. Correct? Hatter? Nice word, very original. I don’t hate, just point out facts on a guy who i feel really sorry for. I don’t live under a rock, In fact I have two really nice homes that I enjoy. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much effort to break down the self proclaimed king. There are other guys in the NBA who could give themselves a nick name too, but they don’t. They remain humble and let their talking be done on the floor. please put some substance to your comments next time and present facts before you take shots.
    It’s ok though, I do expect it from the Koolaide drunk fans of “the king”. Have a nice evening.

  13. wjs says:

    way to go @johnny! I like when thought goes into comments. Hey LBJ fans, take a look at the standings they’re exactly how they will finish. Cav’s will be in third. don’t worry you will make the playoffs because you’re in the East. I’ll be waiting to see what excuses come from the king and where he’ll be taking his talents next…..

  14. Nina McCarty m says:

    That was amazing I lived it especially cuz its Lebron u are the greatist

  15. Patrice says:

    You are bold and beautiful Le’Prince😉!!You can’t do no wrong🤗🙋🏾👏🏿. Goooo Le’bron😀

  16. johnnytc1 says:

    @Patrice Is the king french? Does the Le’Koolaide taste good? Does Le’King still think he’s Le’best player in the world?
    I think Le’Steph Curry is proving otherwise. Le’King and his court barley got by the 76ers. Le’ third place in their division this year.

  17. TDot says:

    @johnnytc1 aka wjs.. lol guess u have nothing better to do huh,, so retarded. Making comments then agreeing with his own comments.. Lmoa

  18. johnnytc1 says:

    Yes he is “liable”. A huge liability to his team mates. Worst team player of all time of any sport. No, King is the one who said He was the greatest b-ball player in the world in the playoffs last year. He’s a self promoting, powder throwing, hey look at me I’m the king person on the planet. Shall I go on? If you’d like I will… Come with accurate facts next time.