Tune in to the Tony Allen News Network

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, I asked Grizzlies forward Tony Allen about his ability to cover Twitter as thoroughly as he defends his opponents.

Me: You are one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. It seems like you don’t miss anything on there.
Allen: I don’t miss nothing! I listen to all the writers, I listen to everybody.
Me: You must search your name.
Allen: No, I ain’t gotta search my name. If someone say something about me it comes right on my mentions. It’s all love.

So who better than The Grindfather to become a news anchor focused exclusively on Twitter videos, presumably of himself? (Also, the part at the end where he was straightening his papers is so great.)

VIDEO: Tony Allen News Network


  1. Nic Dimond says:

    Yes! The paper shuffling at the end is indeed so great. Thanks Lang!

  2. moar says:

    we need moar!