DJ Augustin debuts 6-step layup attempt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Things in the NBA don’t always go as planned. Sometimes guys come up with great ideas, but something gets lost in the execution and things go awry. Take this layup attempt last night from Oklahoma City’s D.J. Augustin. He was running full speed toward the basket, and when it came time to gather the ball and go up for the shot, something got lost in translation. And instead of a made layup, we got a Shaqtin’ A Fool nominee…


  1. PNightmare says:


  2. G says:

    Is this the open door foundation?

  3. GioPrimo1 says:

    Chuckles..This might be the funniest travel I’ve seen in a minute!

  4. DrPhill says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the refs didn’t call it

  5. Joshua says:


  6. jake s. says:

    Yeah i was watching this game and called it then. Little quick feet.

  7. Mec Don says:

    Shaqtin a travel

  8. angel says:

    If you look closely at dj foot steps you can clearly see that lebron traveled and lost another nba finals..

  9. Jack Rutherford says:

    Ahh, but did the Refs see it ?

  10. Zocom7 says:

    That play is a Tragic Bronson!! I can’t believe the refs didn’t call that travel.

  11. Mark Harmony says:

    I can’t believe he (Augustin) had the balls to ask for the goaltending call. X0D *laughs*

  12. Stu Jones says:

    Haven’t seen a travel that bad since Corey Brewer last year in Minn. before he was traded to the Rockets. Ironic.

  13. IvanFromArgentina says:

    I thought it was LeBron

  14. Kobe24 says:

    if you look closely, he traveled.

  15. Jay says:

    You’re only allowed to palm-spin into a travel if it is good as this…