Kevin Durant doesn’t need both shoes to score on you

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERKevin Durant is back and healthy, which is something any fan of the NBA should be excited about, whether or not you’re a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder. And it’s a good reminder of just how great Durant can be, especially when he’s out here doing stuff like he did last night against the Houston Rockets. While iso’d against Trevor Ariza, Durant made a move to the basket that was so quick, he actually ran right out of KD 8s.

Normally, scoring a bucket in an NBA game is a rather difficult thing. Doing it while wearing one shoe? For Durant, at least, no problem.

VIDEO: Durant shoe


  1. Terrab says:

    Nice shot but I think it cost them the game. Westbrook chose to foul the rockets on the next play so Durant could get his shoe. Shortly thereafter Westbrook was in foul trouble and had to leave for the rest of the third quarter. The Rockets rallied with him on the bench and eventually went on to win. All because of a shoe.

    • J says:

      That is deep bro

    • Sedare says:

      Yes because he decided to drive to the hoop, intentionally left his shoe behind in order to get this clip on ESPN, and figured it was worth it to force someone to bail him out by fouling on the next play.

      Yeah thats exactly it.

      Arguement invalid.