Stephen Curry has been incredible this season

VIDEO: Curry cooks

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season, Stephen Curry was named the MVP of the NBA. He averaged almost 24 points per game, close to 8 assists per game, shot 44-percent from three-point land, and eventually led the Warriors to an NBA championship. Curry was just great, in every definition of the word, and played the best basketball we had ever seen him play.

And here’s a scary thought: This season? Curry has been even better.

Including last night’s win over the Clippers, through five games Curry is averaging 35.8 points per game, making 52-percent(!!) of his three-pointers, and dishing almost 6 assists per game. He not only takes shots we’ve been conditioned to believe are “bad” shots, he makes those shots. Check the video above. Or just look at this…

The thing is, we probably shouldn’t be surprised. Throughout his career, even going back to his college years, Curry has showed consistent improvement from season to season, sometimes by leaps and bounds, sometimes incremental. Either way, Curry is always moving forward. So after his incredible 2014-15 season, it may have been natural to assume that this was as good as Curry could get. He was playing, after all, at a level that seemed consistently incredible. Could he be any better?

Apparently, he could. And he can. And he is. Can he keep it up? Well, this level of play seems unsustainable, but then, the thought that Curry would ever even reach this level seemed improbable as recently as a week ago. But here we are.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Curry and the Warriors, it’s been incredible to watch.


  1. Kadir apak says:

    The guy shoots lights out!!!!! Also he is a team player, seems like mvp already this year

  2. chad says:

    I knew he was going to be this good by watching him last year in the regular season and playoffs. I kept telling people but everyone thought I was crazy.

  3. At this rate, the Dubs are looking like they’re going back to back!