Utah Jazz fanz can’t spell gud?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Interesting story today in the Deseret News, based on a recent study by Grammarly, which sounds like bad grammar itself, but whatever. ANYWAY, according to this story, Utah Jazz fans aren’t very good at the whole writing/spelling/grammar thing. As the News reports

Utah ranked dead last at No. 30 in Grammarly’s NBA Grammar Power Rankings, with Jazz fans making 7.85 mistakes per 100 words. That was well below the Western Conference average of 4.28 mistakes per 100 words and considerably worse than the brainiacs from the Mensa Timberwolves. Minnesota fans averaged only 1.69 gaffes per 100 words.

Sorry, Jazz fans. You don’t gotta love that.

In an effort to determine the grammatical prowess and/or pitifulness of each NBA team’s fan base, Grammarly studied 100 comments from an SB Nation blog from the 30 squads. (SLCDunk.com is the Jazz’s SB Nation blog.)

Grammarly proofreaders counted all of the misspellings, incorrect punctuation, misused and missing words, and subject-verb disagreement. Things like common slang, team nicknames and serial comma usage were disregarded.

Apparently, the use of their, they’re and there is not subjective, after all. And let’s not even get on the subject of its vs. it’s. (We probably shouldn’t have started that last sentence with a conjunction, either.)

For the record, Utah fans were not penalized for using the plural form of to be in relation with the Jazz.

“We were careful not to penalize fans for using conventional sports terminology,” Grammarly’s Michael Mager told the Deseret News. “Since ‘Jazz are’ is the standard, correct way to write about the team, we didn’t count it as an error.”


  1. Da Truth says:

    I am pretty sure Miami fans should be last in the race for grammar.

  2. Alex says:

    Lane Whitaker is an idiot.