James Michael McAdoo is loving it

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA Rookies are traditionally assigned chores and tasks that veteran players don’t have to do or want to do. This apparently also applies for second year players who didn’t play much as rookies, such as Warriors forward James Michael McAdoo, who was on the team last year but only played in 15 games. This season, McAdoo has been in the rotation from the start of the season, and as such he is being asked to perform rookie duties. Which explains why yesterday he had to drop over $100 at a local McDonald’s before Warriors practice.

And McDonald’s took notice, reminding JMM that he was once the co-MVP of the McDonald’s All-American Game…


  1. Andy says:

    If he is half competitive of his uncle Bob McAdoo he will make great things in his carrier! Ciao Bob!

  2. European says:

    So are there any gluten-free McDonald’s cheeseburgers yet in USA?

  3. Michael says:

    At least being positive about the rookie duties. I know a few NBA players that would find this disrespectful;.