Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving has starred in several of these commercials for Pepsi in which he portrays Uncle Drew, a fictional elderly streetball legend. As in previous iterations, in this newest spot, set in Miami. Irving is surrounded by several celebrities and athletes in heavy makeup, such as Ray Allen as his trash-talking adversary Skinny Walt, and Baron Davis and J.B. Smoove as his domino-playing buddies.

VIDEO: Uncle Drew Part 4


  1. Tom says:

    Great video!

    Waiting for the day when an uncle drew MOVIE comes out!

  2. Ernest Vasquez says:

    Ray Allen !!!

  3. Ernest Vasquez says:

    Ray wouldn’t miss that

  4. Ted says:

    Worst episode ever…

  5. Danger Will Robinson! says:

    Alot of hours of makeup there! Is that a quick Dwight Howard cameo at 5:08 or not?

  6. Ted2 says:

    weak, Jesus shuttleworth can outshoot anyone in the game. Including step curry.

  7. poop says:

    ray wouldnt lose a horse game…

  8. johnnytc1 says:

    C’mon! Uncle Drew had it’s day. It was cute when it started. This garbage is just all typical Cav’s look at me antics. From Iman’s
    rap, KI doing uncle drew, cotton candy man and of course the self proclaimed king. this team, mostly king, is the biggest circus in any sports history.
    I can’t even understand why? They’re not even a top 5 NBA team! They make themselves out to be a team that they won;
    Not one, not two , not three…. not eight championships. Hey Cleveland and da king. you’ve never won anything! And, this year you most likely won’t come out of the east! oh yes, they only lost one game so far! That loss came to the only above .500 team they’ve played. Who made this schedule, the king? As I said, this team is a circus that will have it’s big top dimantled after this season….

  9. SPOILER says:


  10. Philestena says:

    Reminds me of Eddie Murphy Coming to America

  11. uppal says:

    Ray allen would wreck kyrie in horse

  12. Hhorea says:

    to much talk…very little buckets..this is the worst episode of the uncle drew “saga”

  13. Bugg says:

    cool.. but best shooter….? better hop on plane and come out to THE BAY..

  14. johnnytc1 says:

    Right on @Bugg. This NBA season is so great! I check in on the action every night. So much fun watching da king getting smoked and hearing him complain. If I was Dan Gilbert I would do surgery on his cancer ridden/king organization. I would trade him in a minute for a second round draft pic. the cavs are terminal unless they remove the cancer…

  15. Garry says:

    They should have Dr J join them.