Karl-Anthony Towns has always been ready for stardom

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’re a regular listener of the Hang Time Podcast, you’ve certainly heard me talk about how I was certain that Minnesota big man Karl-Anthony Towns was going to be a really good NBA player for a really long time. Because, as I’ve explained, from what I had seen, I knew his head was in the right place.

Why was I so sure? Let’s rewind back to February of 2012. I was, at the time, working as an editor at SLAM magazine, and one night I found myself in Philadelphia to see the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Philadelphia 76ers. During the game, a television producer I was familiar with approached me and asked if I had a free moment. I said sure, and he said he wanted to introduce me to an accomplished high school freshman from a nearby high school who was a SLAM reader, and who was at the game working on a piece for the MSG Network’s high school channel.

So I walked over and met this kid. His name was Karl-Anthony Towns. I sat and talked for a while with Towns and his father, who was just as nice and engaging, and I’ve never forgotten that moment. Karl-Anthony was a kid, and he was so composed and curious and mature, and I somehow innately knew right then that Towns was destined for big things.

And the segment Towns was working on? TNT dug it up and showed it last night, the time when Towns interviewed Kevin Durant. See what you think…


  1. El Kadur says:

    I’d like to see when both OKC and MIN face how KAT Would react to see face to face his idol. Should’ve been an exciting experience.

  2. ted says:

    Is it too soon to compare Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan?

  3. Stan says:

    Yes Lang, we get it. You were actually right about something at one time.

  4. Jason says:

    Amazing to watch this kid interview KD, and then a few short years later he is averaging 16 pts and 10+ rebounds a game in his rookie campaign for Minnesota T-Wolves. Wow!