Trevor Booker adds broom shot to repertoire

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season, Trevor Booker made perhaps the most amazing shot of the season, when he tipped a ball over his head and in as the shot clock was running down. It was so amazing that it spawned imitators, from other players to mascots.

Last night, Booker broke out another trick shot. When a loose ball ended up stuck behind the backboard, the only way to get it out was using a broom handle. And not only did Booker knock the ball loose, he knocked it off the shot clock and into the basket…


  1. christian says:

    i think that this is great!

  2. Aarmelius says:

    Booker 🙂

    Remember the two hand over-the-head-under-the-knees-tip-shot last year

    this one is even weirder