Cavs fan sings her heart out

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With 5:16 left to play in last night’s Cleveland/Milwaukee game, Bucks forward Khris Middleton fouled out of the game. We know this happened because it’s listed in the box score. There’s is also, presumably, video evidence of this occurring, somewhere or another. And then there’s also this Vine of the aftermath that serves as evidence: Middleton is walking off the court, and as he goes away, LeBron James waits patiently, while in the background this one Cavs fan just can’t get enough of the traditional fouled out song, “Hit The Road, Jack.” Sing it!


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    king, nice job bringing the 70’s stash back. That was a nice article, we’re so glad you approve of your coach. You know if you pulled a media stunt like that in the 70’s you would of found yourself in the CBA. Congrats on pulling your record against the Bucks to.500. Come and hang out in the West. This will be a fun year. You make me love the NBA more than ever….

  2. WJS says:

    KING! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! Can’t a fan have a little moment in the camera without you photo/video bombing it. It’s not always about you! Let the fan have a little spotlight without you putting your mellon in the way. By the way nice porn stash. king is bringing it back. Speaking of your mellon, i see Uncle Drew is back with a new episode. It was cute and funny in the beginning but now it’s becoming boring. I’m sure the budget will get cut some. I’m voting for you to be in the next episode as you and uncle drew look pretty close in age and it will save on the makeup budget etc. By the way has anyone ever seen kings id? How old is he really?

    • Just a fan says:

      Come on man!!!! WJS, the camera got lebron and the lady. I know deep down you love lebron. Lebron has been in the league for so long, thats probably why he looks so mature or old.

  3. wjS says:

    @just a fan, Oh you’ve said it so well! I do love da king. He makes me laugh more than Eddy Murphy, Chris Rock, Bill Murry, etc.
    da king and his antics make me bust my gut almost daily. He is such a clown! Stephan Curry, the good guy, and the self proclaimed king have brought me back to the game. I’ve not enjoyed the NBA this much since the BAD BOYS! Yes, he’s been in the game a while and he’s almost looking like uncle drew. long live da king… the entertainment value has never been better!

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    wuz up king? 5 of 16 last night against Toronto and three were dunks. You did hit 1 for 5 from three point range. and, another loss. I know you guys had to be tired from doing that jive 70’s video “cav’s celbrate the 70’s”. Plus I know it had to be fatiguing for you to get that stash looking just right for that photo you took. You guys don’t worry too much about playing b-ball. you’ll get your butts spanked when you
    play teams over .500. Just Have a good time etc. We all sure do watching all your antics. oh king, please, please please, can you please do a reality show. you could call it “da king and his court” or “da king and his merry men” I did think it was strange watching a bunch of guys dancing together on the video you did? hmmmmm…… We’ll b watching for that reality show….