The Cleveland Cavaliers celebrate the ’70s

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As part of their series of Hardwood Classics nights throughout this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers embraced the ’70s last week when they hosted the Bucks. And to get everyone in the proper mindset, the Cavs started the night with this Soul Train-style dance video. One thing worth noting: I think everybody in this video is wearing either a hat or a wig…except Anderson Varejao.

VIDEO: Cavs Soul Train

VIDEO: Cavs Behind Scenes


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    I can not believe what I’ve just seen! Yep, it had to be! Only from da King and his band of merry men. What a humiliation! DG, who is running the asylum there, da king? This has to be the weirdest most unprofessional thing that i’ve seen yet from this wanna be organization. I’m really glad that SAS, GSW etc don’t take part in this this this… What ever this is. da King and his court have reached an all time low. By the way congrats on beating some of the leagues finest juggernauts… Don’t worry the west is waiting… And i’m not about talking the LAL’s either.

  2. TY4ML says:

    @johnnytc1…you’re way off base…it’s not humiliation, it’s a team having fun! I think it’s one of the best things out there that these guys got together on their own time and can let loose and it looks like they’re having a blast. Would love to see more of that, especially from SAS and GSW. Love those guys too!

  3. To be honest TY4ML, for a team needing identity and props, maybe they could have spent the time getting better as a squad on the court. Have this type of get-together in August after you have won the title. This team is still not settled it appears but has the advantage of being in the not-so-powerful Eastern Conference where they have room for error. I do not expect the Spurs to ever do this, nor do I expect the Warriors because they have been to the top and it feels good but not as good as two in a row or two out of here. Hopefully, none of the Cavaliers suffered muscle pulls or ACL tears from that venture. Good luck to them this season.

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    They have to resolve themselfs to these kind of antics. da king and his merry men are so far away from beating a GSW ,SAS, OKC, HOS teams in a playoff. So they dance around, take selfies in the middle of a game, by cotton candy during a game, dress up for holloween etc. I think its time for DG to clean house.

  5. Akrons Big Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    Mr. johnnytc1, you must can’t sleep good at night for hating on LBJ. He is always including his team when it comes to being on one accord. That’s why he knows it takes a team to support one another to win a championship and so far that’s what the Cleveland Cavs are all about with an unselfish leader they have in The King. So chill out with all of the criticisms and enjoy the fantastic feats that this gifted young men performs.

  6. Boney says:

    it does not matter what they do even if it is just for having fun. Lebron didnt like a call and went straight to the bench like the game was gonna stop for him and left his team to play 5 on 4. The leader in CLE is a cry baby and doesn’t do anything team related when things are not going his way. So let them get the antics out now and try and come together with team building because once Lebron isn’t happy things like this wont happen in CLE anymore.

  7. JD says:

    Cave celebrate the 70’s. Meanwhile CSW celebrate 16 in a row. Maybe King LeBron and his jesters should doing their dancing with a basketball. Just sayin

  8. JD says:

    Cave celebrate the 70’s. Meanwhile CSW celebrate 16 in a row. Maybe King LeBron and his jesters should be doing their dancing with a basketball. Just sayin

  9. Stop hating says:

    the virginian, you’re right concerning the “not-so-powerful Eastern Conference”… for the moment, #8 in the west would be #12 in the east. start thinking before hating
    Everybody that have practiced a team sport knows that team spirit and team building outside the court/field is maybe the most important thing. Get off your couches!

  10. johnnytc1 says:

    Big Mike, It’s ok to like your team. It’s all good. But your team is a circus and so is DG because he allows the inmates run the asylim… Do you see any other teams behaving this way? I think the answer is no. They act like they won something?? I was born in Cleveland and have always have wanted their teams to do well. But when da king got there it all went down hill. Route for da king and the caves. They are a top ten team and they will make the playoffs. But that will be it. I don’t hate da king because he is a clown and clowns make us laugh… long live da king….

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    @stop hating. As to your point on #8 to #12. Who do you think the east is playing? They all knock each other off every night, except for GSW. Let the teams in the east play the wests schedule and they would rarely win. How about the cav’s? They have only beaten one team over .500. They think they are sooooo good. Wait to they play a little west action.

  12. johnnytc1 says:

    See I told you so here on da king and his merry men can not beat a team over .500. Thanks for celebrating the 70’s for us. But you can’t celebrate beating a team over .500. GSW will be celebrating the 70’s and maybe the 80’s soon. That’s wins!
    wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving especially da king. This year when we go arounfd the table and say what we’re thankful for I will say da king…. He brings us all so much laughter and joy!

  13. From Afar says:

    The hate in here is just ridiculous and flat out unnecessary…aren’t the Cavs currently #3 in the entire league with ‘KEY’ players out…and not just one or two regular heads…’FOUR’ KEY factors are not in…and they are #3…the two teams ahead of them (GW and SAS) are way more healthy than they are…and – props to GSW for sure – but its not like the Cavs are far behind either of the two record wise…again with FOUR key factors out…one of them being possibly the best PG in the league when he’s healthy…now thats something to celebrate dont you think! C’mon man…the hate is just not necessary for such a good (not great yet) Team…if these guys were healthy like the other two top clubs just imagine how the standings would look now…some of you guys better pray the Cavs don’t get 90% healthy..cause it would be over for everybody