Blake Griffin breaks out alley-oop three-pointer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, we’re kinda used to Blake Griffin doing things we’re not used to seeing other people be able to do. Most of the time, though, that means dunks or other above-the-rim antics. But last night against Denver, Blake made another incredible play, however this time it happened out beyond the three-point line. We know Blake can finish alley-oop dunks. Now we know he also has the alley-oop three-pointer as part of his game…

VIDEO: Blake Alley-Oop Three


  1. allLightMookieAllenDomErving says:

    That’s really good to post that (lot people may not could have seen it), New move.Nobody did that (possibly),i thought it a lot of times and did it in practice(maybe,and1 ballers did it like few others of course) nobody cares that move(?),it’s evolution baby ,Blake innovative ,hard to do it ,hats off to griffin (with more confidence and less-criticism,he can be one of the best all-round pf of alltime,anthony davis better blocker).Respect to Charles and by the way nba should change the rule for the full-court jae Crowder shot(so ,incredible,reminds me baron Davis).

  2. JD says:

    Griffin is a cry baby flopper who isn’t even man enough to show respect with some teams by shaking hands at start of games.
    Anytime someone gets in his face he whines. I mean really, watch him a whole game. He is easily intimidated.