LeBron James’ mustache is spectacular

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The month of November has been re-branded as Movember, a month when men are encouraged to grow beards and mustaches as a way to raise awareness of prostate and other cancers. (You can read more about the movement here.) Several members of the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be embracing the cause, such as Kevin Love, who has a full-on ’70s-cop-TV-show ‘stache…

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But perhaps the greatest mustache in Cleveland belongs to LeBron James, who has managed to grow his mustache out long enough that yesterday he posted a selfie with the ends of his mustache waxed and curled up, Snidely Whiplash-style. It’s quite a look…

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Mooostash on deck! #Movember #StriveForGreatness

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  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Ahhhh da king needs a little attention. We have GSW and SC dominating the head lines. Speaking of head lines, how did da king and SC get co-mvp of the week. SC was leading his team to tying the all time win record for the start of a season. His numbers were a sooooo much better than da king. I’m not getting it. Were they afraid da king would cry? Or cry foul? king, you didn’t bring enough talent from south beach. It will not end well for you and the cav’s this year. thank you for posting your new stash pic!

    • Joe Dumars says:

      Player of the week is awarded to best player of the week in EACH conference. LBJ got eastern conf player of the week, SC got western conf player of the week

    • haha says:

      lol he wanted SC to win eastern conference player of the week too. i say you start a petition.

    • Xan says:

      Dude, your hate train ticket is showing. You really don’t follow the NBA AT ALL do you?

      The “Player of the Week” honors are handed out to one player from EACH CONFERENCE. It is not called “MVP of the Week”. Stop trying to make something out of something that doesn’t even exist. Man you haters are sad.

  2. Lutherman7 says:

    sorry bron bron. Stephen Curry is the greatest player in the league! coming from a non-GSW fan…

    • Charles Barkley says:

      If Bron is greater than MJ, then why did he only win 2 titles with 4 trips to the finals with the Heat? If you put the 90s MJ in that Heat roster, MJ would win a title every trip to the final wouldn’t you think?

    • Wrong topic for your comment? says:

      Do you ever read about the topic or the article? What does this article have in common with MVP conversation and who is the best player in the league?
      Petteri Koponen is the man, the leader and best player of the Wolf Pack. Period.

    • YomommA says:

      Still coming from a hater

    • Xan says:

      Love that you felt you had to let everyone know you aren’t a fan of Golden State. Like that makes your statement any more different.

      • Lutherman7 says:

        So people like you can know I’m not being bias. If this is curry’s league now then it’s his. No point & going back & forth with you. What he’s accomplishing & what he’s gonna continue to accomplish speaks for it self.

  3. Steve says:

    Ew. Yeah just Ew.

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    yomomma, what kind of a name is that? Steve? Ew? You guys are really deep with your vocab. Weigh in with something of substance and with facts. Like king and his merry men can’t beat teams with winning percentages over .500. Or all they do is do team wraps, Soul Cav’s, take selfies during the middle of a game, go into the stands an buy popcorn during a game, kings stash, are you kidding? Who cares? …. Shall I go on? Nah…. You get the picture. The cav’s are the biggest spectacle in sports history and you use words like hater? I think no one is hating, just laughing their ___ off. Really, at the end of the day you have to feel sorry for da king, his court and DG. They are on a path that will lead to the wheels absolutely coming off at the end of this season. They’ll be out of excusses… Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Sally says:

    oh you Golden State fans are really going to have a rude awakening, when they fall on their face. They are going to be sooooo wore out by playoff time, it will be a piece of cake mowing them down. and if you think they are going to win them all, that’s not going to happen either. They are already starting to miss shots and fumble the ball, Brooklyn of all teams almost beat them, give me a break. Cavs will make it and they don’t have to win all those in season games to do it. Not necessary, which seed they are is not important to them. Health is !!! Cav’s all the way !!!

    • Lu says:

      Ya hopefully they can get through the Heat. The heat actually have the fire power to keep up with them though.

  6. johnnytc1 says:

    Wow Sally! That’s real good prediction. Yes, you’re right GSW will not win every game. I think you’re being a little unrealistic about the Cav’s. I think they’re a top ten team. Most likely 7th 0r 8th. king won two championships because of DW, Cb, RA and others. I hope he relishes them.. As he won’t win another. And, with all his antics and throwing everyone under the bus no other team will want him…. He thinks he’s above the game. his beat days are already behind him…

  7. Quofi says:

    Curry is good.

  8. Frej says:

    johnnytc1 how can you anyhow believe that no other team would want LJ ? thats just so unrealistic therefore it makes you look not very objective at all

  9. johnnytc1 says:

    Frej… It’s not his ability… it’s just he is not a good team person. He is a lone ranger only doing whats best for him. We saw it when he left Cleveland the first time, we saw it when he left Miami. You can go on and on… if da king wanted to play an individual sport he should of played golf or tennis…