Draymond Green gave Tom Izzo a nice gift

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With an off day on the schedule yesterday, Warriors forward Draymond Green was able to go see his former college team, Michigan State, playing in a nearby tournament. And not only did Green get to see the Spartans in person, he happened to be there when longtime coach Tom Izzo, who was Green’s coach in college, was going for his 500th win.

They got the win, and Green presented Izzo with a gift for all he’s meant to him through the years: a Rolex, with the inscription, “Great start”…


  1. Frederick A. Bowers says:

    Draymond is an Awesome young man I have watched him every since he started playing for MSU. Tom Izzo is an awesome coach his uncle was my high school football coach, and I have met Tom and played in some of his charitable golf outings. When you love the kids they love you also and they are like family. That was the way it was with Tom’s uncle who was quite similar to Tom. Great people help make Great people. They are all Blessed by God and Bless everyone they meet ! ! !

  2. Steve says:

    Great gift Dray! Thanks for your continued support. You are a true Spartan.

  3. dane clark says:

    very nice gift