The NBA reacts to Kobe Bryant’s retirement plans

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After hinting about it and talking about it, but always leaving the door open for a return, earlier today Lakers guard Kobe Bryant made it official: He will retire from the NBA at the end of the 2015-16 season.

In response to his announcement, current and former players, as well as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, took to social media to share their feelings on Kobe’s announcement…

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#Respect #TheBlackMamba

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Kobe Bryant, Slam dunk giant,

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  1. JD says:

    Being from NorCal I was never a big fan. But I sure have respect for him and his game. TC Kobe.

  2. Miss Kelly says:

    Even though I saw it coming (Kobe’s retirement), My heart felt a little ‘heavy’ when I saw the announcement on For years he have been compared to MJ. I saw MJ play in his prime, and he was the best player back then; but to be honest, in my humble opinion, I enjoyed watching Kobe in his prime more than I did MJ. One thing I did notice in looking back at MJ’s playing days, his in-game dunks weren’t all that special except for the dunk from the free throw line and that time he made a dunk flying in from the side of the basket. Other than those 2 dunks, most of his dunks were pretty routine “going up high and slamming down hard”, no creativity. Kobe had more creative dunks, and ‘moves’ on the court. I can only echo what others have said in their posts. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, KOBE!

    • Max Payne says:

      That’s the dumbest comment I’ve seen in a while. Mike has amazing in-game dunks. To say he had no creativity is plain ignorant. A lot of his “moves” were so subtle that you probably missed them. You probably saw MJ playing in his later years when he didn’t dunk all that often.

    • JamisonK says:

      Did you really watch Jordan in his prime…? Kobe’s great, I love Kobe. Maybe he’s more exciting than Jordan. But to say that MJ wasn’t exciting in game or had no creativity.. you were watching the wrong person.

    • Swingmand says:

      I respect kobe to the max. nothing but love for his work ethic and swag when he played but to say kobe was more creative than jordan in his prime.
      for starters both different players in different era’s

  3. mykie says:

    Do respect him, give credit. He should thank Shaq for the rings. Especially Paul Gasol, the Lakers were not going to win that year without Paul. Plus he hurt the Lakers. Would’ve love him if he was more of a team player but He thought of himself to many times. Top 15 but not top 5 players.

    • NBAfan says:

      I grew up imitating Jordan in some way, and so did the other 9 players I was playing with/against on the court….yeah, even the bigs. Kobe just did it much better than anybody else in the world, all the way to 5 rings, Olympic medals, awards, and true legendary status.

      He’s just a kid who loves basketball and can’t help but compete to be the best. If you can’t get with that, at least recognize and respect.

      True ballers will appreciate. Casual fans and armchair experts of the game can continue to hate.

      Thanks Kobe. Now how about giving it your all to go out with a respectable stat line for the season….and maybe even a not-so-bad W-L ratio….YOU AIN’T DONE JUST YET.

    • says:

      @mykie Learn proper grammar.

    • rH says:

      Please, do not ever comment on a anything basketball related again. you do not have an idea what you are talking about. You made the stupidest comment I have ever heard, by far.

    • Kese Mamba says:

      Why u hating…

    • JEO says:

      You are a sadist. You probably cant play ping pong.No Shaq should thank him because all Shaq did was dunk off Kobes work.

      • Kobe8 says:

        In MJ era, almost everybody wanted to be like Mike. But they didn’t know how because he was untouchable with his gifts and talent. Kobe opened the door of “how to be like Mike” to the the basketball world. Kobe showed people that you can be like Mike without having to have natural gifts, and he illustrated his work ethics and determination. Just work hard and believe in yourself!

    • Swingman says:

      For starters, everbody who loved basketball would always copy the greats. People copied Dr, J, People mimicked jordan and people tried to be kobe and now people wanna try to be lebron. Greats always had a template or an idol to look up to. and in terms of kobe not being to win without shaq or gasol is true. Greats have to have to have a second in command to help out. Look at iverson, nothin but love to this man’s game but he tried doing all on his own. Same with LBJ. Respect to kobe no matter who he won his rings with. much repsects to the black mamba!!!!

  4. JOJO says:


  5. dreadyjun says:

    The best and the most competitive to have ever played the game. There are many that can make a lot of baskets, probably with better efficiency, but won’t be as good to watch as watching Kobe hit turn around fade aways, buzzer beaters, shooting over 3 to 4 defenders, going out of the base line shots etc. This guy was the ultimate shooting guard. Great defender in is prime and could really create shots for himself or his team mates. It may take another decade or so to find another exciting player like Kobe. Or maybe there wont be another player like Kobe.

  6. newton anastacio says:

    He’s one of the top 5 greatest players of all time and spend 20yrs in one team. You’re one my favorite player of all time and I salute you, we lakers fan salute you. Thanks for great memory……

  7. stephanie says:

    kobe – as a laker fan and a kobe fan its been a pleasure watching you play. you will be missed but I know its time. enjoy your retirement

  8. I have been a Lakers fan since 1977. I enjoy watching the game. Kobe has been an awesome player, and I have so much respect for his game. I would like to congratulate you ( Kobe) on 5 NBA Championships, being selected 17 times to the All-Star game, Gold Medals, and MVP. You are truly a great player. Thank you all the glorious years.

  9. Mark from Bay area says:

    Good for him.
    Lakers are in turmoil because of KB partly.
    At least he could have encouraged youngsters, but he keeps shooting at record pace.
    Jim Buss and KB bring doom song to Lakers nation years to come.

  10. Jeremiah the great Cherry says:

    I was born in an Era to have witnessed many great basketball players, from bird, magic, Isiah, Kemp, da glove, L.J., the great MJ who I thought would put a lock on the game as the best player ever… but then there came Kobe the 18 yr old whom I watched turn into a killer on the court, the black mamba! A fierce competitive hard working man. I use to go outside and combine moves from Kobe and MJ. Kobe is so special to the game, I’ve seen his struggles and accomplishments and I’ve gotta say I fell in love with it all. Congrats Kobe on your retirement after this season… there’s only 1 thing tho… I wish I could’ve played against you… because of the great player that you are it was a drive for me to stay ready all the time… I NEVER disrespect the game always focused and I got a piece of that from you. Thank u for 18 seasons of dedicated service to the game we love so much.

  11. ffd says:

    I wanna cry

  12. ricky says:

    One of the greatest of ALL Time that ever play the Game definitely not happy for this moment but Glad that He retire in good conditions and not because a fatal injure. I don’t know if Kobe ever realize how Blessed He was on His career even my mom pray for Him as she says we both have similar games LOL that just my mom jajajaj. God give you a Talent and the responsibility to touch people life so now continue the Game outside the court and show kids how to seek God and play good Basketball.

  13. florymay says:

    So sad.. You’re LEGEND.. The GREATEST.. God Keep..

  14. Jonathan perez says:

    Thank you KOBE….it was a great honor to watch you play the game!

  15. ITellsTheTruth says:

    To the greatest Jordan imitator of all times. Good riddance!!

  16. Andre Marques says:

    Thank you Kobe for all the amazing basketball memories ! You brought fun and excitement into my living room for my entire family 20 years. Gonna miss you.

  17. purnngold says:

    People want to blame you for the Laker’s short comings, I think its your winning attitude that has pushed the Lakers to their success in the past 20 years. Your approach to the game is unrivaled, no other player of your generation comes close to your standards. There will never be another Kobe. You will be missed by all. KO-BE! KO-BE!! KO-BE!!!

  18. Miss Kelly says:

    I have something else I want to say (in addition to my previous post). I think Kobe’s 81 point game was more impressive than Wilt’s 100 point game, and here’s the reason: Most (if not all) of Wilt’s points came under the basket; and with him being the tallest person in the game back then, it was nothing for him to do put reach up and lay the ball in the basket. Kobe’s points, on the other hand, was taken from all over the court (layups, dunks, mid-range, long range in a variety of slick moves) and there are more “real tall” players in the game today. You can say what you want to about Kobe “:Hogging the ball” all time, or his being “stand offish” or his “off court ” episodes; but when you just look at his “GAME” on court, you have to be impressed because he was truly “Poetry in motion”. My desire to watch NBA games have just diminished because he won’t be playing.

  19. surya says:

    im crying all of the times people said kobe sucks or he’s a rapist i defended you no matter what #mamba #secondmj

  20. Kingdom Man says:

    Who is whooping with joy the most about the news Kobe is retiring?
    1) Jeanie Buss
    2) Byron Scott
    3) Mitch Kupchik
    4) Laker players
    5) Laker fans
    6) Potential free agents

  21. Kiwi says:

    Kobe… one of the best players ever and no doubt the best Laker… I have been a Raptors fan since ’95 and have loved Kobe Bean Black Mamba Bryant as long as I can remember… It’s a shame he’s retiring, because I will only see him play once, on wednesday!

  22. His Airness says:

    He should have retired 2 seasons ago. As a result the Lakers suffer “good one mamba”

    He was a good player but I couldn’t swallow the whole play / talk / act like Jordan show.

    I have more respect for players who stamp their own identity on the game instead of Jordan imitating through their whole career.

    5 rings on the back of Shaq and Pau Gasol.

    Times up!

  23. Myles says:

    What a player probably top ten all time as he hangs them up. With all the great players who have come and gone that is just an amazing feat. So fun watching Kobe ball, what a competitor and never say die spirit. Baller!

  24. Nikkyo says:

    Can’t believe your retiring kobe my favorite player of all time the best to ever play imma miss watching you play after this year hope to get to see you play this year I’ll fly out to L.A for that k.b 24 momba for life @kobebryant

  25. Joshua says:

    I just wish he played one more year and signed with with warriors and win a title. Then request for trade back to the Lakers for retirement. LOL xD

  26. NBAfan says:

    Almost everybody grew up imitating Jordan. Kobe just did it better than anybody else in the world all the way to 5 rings, gold medals, awards, and true legendary status.

    He is just a a kid like most of us used to be who loves the game and competed to win and to be the best. If you can’t get with that, then at least appreciate and respect all that he has done.

    Casual fans and armchair experts will always hate, but true ballers will appreciate.

    Thanks Kobe, but you ain’t done just yet. Try to go out with a respectable stat line and maybe a few more wins.

  27. LAWRENCE KEITT says:


    • stephanie says:

      that was well said, I will miss kobe very much basketball will not be the same without him, but I know someone will be step up

    • Daryle says:

      Peace/blessings! What’s up “ole school?’ Yeah I remember watching all those players, The Pearl, Piston Pete, I was just thinking about Bobby Dandridge-Bobby “D” the other day. Thank for keeping it real! ! !

  28. Bill Whautin says:

    You gave me hope to see on TV night in night out. Will not be the same without you. Please stay…..

  29. Kobe you were great my brother. Messed up fingers ankles back you did not care you came to work just like my man iverson. But what i would like to say bro is you are not leaving you left us with numerous high lights to remeber you by you are actually starting faze two in your life, two buetiful daughters to raise a lovely wife. Do me a favor im a nobody in the book of life just keep being true to you and yours continue to be bless an share what you were bless with the knowledge of the game you have it in spades bro.

  30. Kingrome says:

    Kb one of the best basketball player ever to play play the game go have a next kb jr now and make him a legend like u God bless bro

  31. abdul says:

    the greatest player of all time.Thank you for the wonderful years. you the best competitor ever the game will never be same without you

  32. Michael M says:

    Not a team player in a team game.
    Undeniably talented.
    Myopically focused on self to the detriment of the team despite results – meaning: he could have won more and been greater, but for his ego…
    Could play hella defense, chose not to for most of career… inexcusably selfish.
    Willful. Un-coachable.
    Ruined Laker franchise for me until he’s gone – then I’m back – I’m a true fan of Laker / team basketball.
    Admire his guts and ability to play through pain.
    His last 2 years especially odious – all about the money – tre LA… and exemplary of who he is…
    The emperor with no clothes.

  33. JA says:

    i was a fun of the game NBA, but since i became a fun of the game, it been kobe kobe kobe!!!!!!!!! i read and serach every about kobe and the lakers to the point that became a fight between i self and my wife. it so sad that is not going to happen again, kobe u have done so much for this game enjoy every sigle moment u have left, respect black mamba……..

  34. Rodi Kobe says:

    Kobe…..I am so sad for you….I am crying….U are the best…Not anyone else!!!!!! How can I watch NBA and lakers and will not be there again…..that hurts kobe….It really Hurts…….

    With my respects i wish i can see you live kobe……i haven t got that chance to see you in my life……

    Thanks for everything you gave us….

    Rodi from LEBANON……

  35. Nedal Zatari says:

    Kobe, Kobe, Kobe that is what I used to shout for the past 20 years of my life, being in the ME I used to wake up at five am to watch Kobe and the Lakers playing, no matter what was the game status I could not sleep if the Lakers are playing, for every game I had that inner confidence that Kobe will turn around the game and the Lakers will end up winning. For the best 15 years he was my idol and the one I look for as a true sportsman legend. In every place were I live you can find a memory about Kobe and the Lakers, at home, at work, in the car etc…. My kids grew up watching Kobe and now they are idolizing him.

    Kobe you gave me unbelievable joy and happiness especially with those Buzzer beaters, you made me love the challenge no matter how hard it is, you made me believe that with hard work and dedicated knowledge a man can do anything.

    My life will not be the same after your retirement.

  36. neta debose says:

    coming from an almost 70 year old woman I have watched him from the time he came into the league and immediately fell in love with him. would pay top dollar price whenever they played in dallas just to see the love of my life. I am already feeling the emptiness but life goes on. There will never ever be another like him. Happy Retirement Kobe and stay healthy.

  37. Von Crooms says:

    Thanks Kobe Bryant for everything honestly every night when you played i wanted to catch every game because i new something special was going to happen your talented skilled and not afraid of the moment and despite what people think of you your not a follower your ambition and determination is above all anything anyone says about you at the end of the day you made it to the NBA ( MADE IT ) and had a beautiful career there’s no reason for anyone to talk trash or say negative things but people will hate no matter what there’s a time an place for everything congratulations blessings to you and your family

  38. #1 Kobe fan says:

    All I need is to buy some DVDs with the greatest games and moves of Kobe…Can anyone tell me where I can get these? Will miss you…you were my idol…in my game and even my kids are watching you…All the best to you and your family Kobe…!!!

  39. Momo says:

    Kobe, man i cant believe it. the time has finally come. You are CAOXOU VANG’s favorite player. he talks about you, thinks about you, always tryna be you, and now your retiring. Man…i guess only one man can be the best and thats Lebron. lol

    Basketball will miss you Kobe. especially Caoxou. lol

  40. Xavier Blackburn says:

    Kobe is one of the greatest ever, sure first ballot Hall Of Famer!

  41. RODLER JULES says:

    KOBE has been one my favorite players of all time. His skills, dedication and his love for the game are no doubt remarkable but his competitive nature on the court is the best I have ever seen. I hate to see him go but I also understand all good things have to come to an end. Thank you for all the thrilling moments KOBE!!!! True GREATNESS!!!

  42. johnnytc1 says:

    Is Kobe an end of an era? An era of professionalism. Where players don’t do these stupid celebrations if they make a dunk, knock down a three, block a shot etc. I hope not! If the next generation players are like da king who are so self absorbed, think they’re bigger than their organization and just do what they want it will become a game of thugs. NBA players, be like Mike, Kobe, Larry, Magic, Isaiah…. Not like da king.

  43. goldie says:

    Kobe I will miss seeing u play my top player of all time hope u sit back and enjoy your life god bless

  44. BERNIE says:

    Hey y’all I got this question for y’all! Which KOBE jersey should be retired?#8 or #24? That’s a tough one! I say both! What do y’all think?

  45. Miguel DEE says:

    Turning on the laker channel will never be the same feels so weird already I love kobe he would never hide from the media always straight forward he had such a great heart for basket his work ethic was above this world despite having a wife and 2 kids it took o lot of time away from his family he was always committed to the game much respect we love you

  46. oise odihiri says:

    started loving Kobe since his partnership with Shaw…even though am in Nigeria you are still popular like you are in America…. love you much boss……..#koberetires

  47. johnnytc1 says:

    Hey everyone did you see that pic of da king and Kobe. Da king said he wanted to be like Kobe when he was younger. I saw the smirk on da kings face.
    king! you finally told Kobe didn’t you? how did he take it when you said, “Kobe, I Am your Father” ? Someone check da kings id, he looks 25 years older than Kobe!

  48. Brenda says:

    Kobe there are no words to express my love, admiration, appreciation and sheer wonderment at your body of work. You have been EVERYTHING to this game, us fans and most especially the Lakers. It is with a tremendously heavy heart that I say thank you, I have loved watching every second of the past 20 years. I count myself previliaged and highly favored to have witnessed greatness. We love you, there will NEVER be another KOBE BRYANT

  49. Peter says:

    Good Riddance!!!

    Let’s enjoy some Curry!!!

  50. Migs says:

    Everyone has his own story of greatness. It doesn’t matter who is the greatest of them all. But one thing I am certain of is that Kobe Bryant is among the greatest who have ever played the game of basketball. Whether you love him or hate him, we have to admit that we have enjoyed watching and playing basketball in this era because of Kobe Bryant. A hero…a nemesis… it does not matter anymore. He had become the face of the NBA worldwide in his prime. For the memories, the moves and all the thrills and excitement you brought to the game…THANK YOU, KOBE!

  51. moshe wanna says:

    i am seventy and dont cry so easaly but you make me cry i will miss you kobe
    the best who played the game i wish you the best in life happy retirement

  52. SteveB says:

    When Kobe came to town we couldn’t wait to see him, figuring it was his last season. Sadly he didn’t suit up but we did get to see him walking the sidelines. Too bad…we would have loved to see him play one last time! Btw, home is Miami and we are season ticket Heat fans. He deserves all the accolades!

  53. Miss Kelly says:

    to maxpayne/jamisonk – I never said MJ wasn’t exciting. I enjoyed watching Kobe more; and that’s my prerogative – Everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has a right to think some’s opinion is dumb. We can fight or disagree over who is more exciting to watch or have more creative moves on the court; but at the end of the day, MJ & Kobe is well set financially- & don’t know (or care) about either one of us; and you and I are still sitting here at the computer wondering how we are going to make it to our next payday. With all humility, I wasn’t trying to down MJ, I was just trying to express how I felt about Kobe’s game. Maybe, in hindsight, I should not have even made a comparison – My bad.

  54. Daryle says:

    Peace/blessings! Yo Kobe I’m an african american teaching English at Jiamusi University in China I have been here less than two weeks and I have been a laker fan all my with vivid memories of Jerry West i.e. Mr. Logo, Gail Goodrich, Wilt the stilt, Happy Hairston, Jim Mcmillan,just to name a few. Kobe my brother they love you in china.Thank you for everything, you are a true professional in every sense of the world. *&^# the haters. May God continue bless you in your next phase of your life.

  55. jadgraphics says:

    So sad to hear that Kobe Bryant is finally hanging it up. I’ve been watching him since I was 8 years old, and now I’m out of college, married, and have a career. Crazy that for most of my life, I was watching him play.

    As a little tribute, I made a website showcasing the good things people are saying about Kobe from around the league and from others in the sports and entertainment world. Feel free to share and let me know if I missed some other quotes.