Atlanta Hawks name a mamba after Kobe Bryant


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With Kobe Bryant‘s impending retirement now official, opponents now have the opportunity to put together retirement gifts for Kobe, who years ago nicknamed himself the Black Mamba.

The Lakers next game is Friday night in Atlanta (8:00 p.m. EST, League Pass), and today the Hawks announced that they’ve got a gift in the works for Kobe that sounds like something Kobe will love, even if he can’t take it home with him: The Hawks have teamed up with Zoo Atlanta to name an actual black mamba after Kobe.

From a release from the Hawks…

To pay tribute to Bryant’s memorable career, the Hawks and Zoo Atlanta have announced that the Zoo will name its black mamba snake Kobe. In addition, the Hawks will make a donation to Zoo Atlanta to further honor Bryant.

“Kobe Bryant’s career accomplishments speak for themselves,” said Hawks and Philips Arena CEO Steve Koonin. “He has set a standard with his incredible work ethic, tremendous will and competitive spirit. We’re happy to be partnering with Zoo Atlanta to recognize the impact Kobe has made on the NBA and its popularity worldwide.”

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  1. TheyCallMeBlaze says:

    With him being my idol & one of my favorites, it’s great to see that ppl appreciate what he has brought to the league & the game of basketball over this 20 yr span. Some love, some hate, but it’s all good. I will continue to watch my boy Kobe do his last run @ the game he loves. & big ups to the arenas & cities he visits for the last time playing ball, he deserves it.