Steph Curry interviews his dad, Dell

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Warriors/Hornets game in Charlotte was Dell Curry Night, a way for the Hornets to celebrate one of their franchise greats (as well as Steph Curry‘s father). Dell now works as an analyst on Hornets’ broadcasts, so it made sense for the Hornets’ pregame show to feature Dell interviewing his son, Steph. Except as you can see here, Steph clearly had other plans for this interview…

VIDEO: Steph interviews Dell


  1. Jeff says:

    This is great, very touching!

  2. Evan says:

    “Don’t spoil my night, man!” – Dell to Steph

    Steph goes on to score 40 pts LOL

  3. Ric says:

    What a privilege Stepeh has to extend the legacy of his Dad. They seem to have a great relationship.

  4. NBA Aficionado says:


  5. Cheezy says:


  6. Dedrick Denison, Jr says:

    Stephen, I didn’t like that hug.
    Next TV time with Papa Dell, please hug ’em the way every Fan in America would like to hug you. You have HUGE love from the Denison clan in Modesto.

    Go Dub’s

  7. Johnnie Mangum says:

    I’m proud of both of them this is life all about

  8. Maninho says:

    I truely think the sucess on worriors have to be down on Curry accurate shots and i will explain why, if you look carefully many of his shot he takes with or without his team mates on the openent side for rebound this means that they(team mate) can save energy rather then having to run all the way and back, that gives them a better chance to defend..